The approach depends on the kind of person you choose to seduce. Think about what kind of person would be interested in you.

Even though everybody goes on the dates, some questions are always in the air and we never can be sure are we doing things right. We bring you most common question about dating.

. Jealousy, cheating, too much media exposure are just some of the reasons why marriages of famous people end. Here are five reasons that probably affect most Hollywood couples.

So many centuries are behind us, with many good memories and some not so good. Some people say that you cannot think about the future without knowing the past, and besides that our history is way too interesting to be forgotten.

Soviet Union has always been an intriguing country. Whether you support its political economical or religious believes, their leaders and the way of life, you have to admit that this Union gave us some of the most important people and discoveries.

Imagine the country that has no government, laws or rules of behavior of any kind.. Where people can act in themselves best interest, and help their community voluntarily...

Everybody has its dreams and goals in life but not everybody achieves them. Being successful is not an easy thing to accomplish, you have to be persistent and work hard toward your goal every day.