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10 Female Drug Lords

Griselda Blanko
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2. Griselda Blanco

Her nickname – La Madrina (Godmother) perfectly described this ruthless woman who was one of the key figures in the Medellin cartel. She left Columbia in the early seventies and settled in Queens, in New York, where she launched a major operation. When the US DEA intercepted a large shipment of cocaine in 1975 Griselda Blanco fled to Colombia, later returning to the United States, but this time in Miami. Ten years later Griselda dyed Miami in two colors: white and red, from cocaine and blood of her rivals. Popular methods for liquidation she used was killing with the automatic rifle from running motorcycle. This woman is responsible for more than 250 killing. Although she ended up in prison – she did not stop working. Her life ended bizarrely, in a way she preferred to kill her opponents, she was shot from running motorcycle.

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