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10 Reasons Your Diet Efforts Fail

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Here are the 10-all reasons you need to follow to make sure that you are following the diet.

1. Are you even following the right plan?

Literally, hundreds of diets and thousands of recipes are available and it can be confusing to choose which one is right. Instead of prioritizing on advertisements, first, listen to your body’s needs.

The main idea is not to stress your body over the threshold, and not to follow a diet that you simply don’t like. If you are a vegan, a Paleolithic diet is obviously not for you!

Besides, many of the crash dieting plans are actually harmful as they cause the body to starve and get malnourished. The weight you lose is often predominantly muscle mass, and that is harmful. The point is that, as long as you follow a diet you don’t like, you won’t be following it anyways, as much as you try to force-feed.

2. Are you reluctant to change lifestyle?

Diet is not only about eating, it is also about following a healthy lifestyle as well. The issue is very basic.


If you are too much into the fast food, you should not be expecting a good health, because junk food is called junk for a reason. They do not have any nutritional value as such. There is no short cut, except eating fast food only occasionally.

If possible, you should cut it down completely because these foods are laden with chemicals to increase their shelf life. Similarly, too much party drinking is another aspect deserving your attention. You can always say NO when the free drink offer comes around on a platter! Enjoy the party with only a few drinks, it is that simple!

3. Do you think all plans are useless?

Surprisingly, many women tend to think that all diet plans are useless but follow one anyways. Can’t you see? As long as you think it can’t work, how can it even work?

Your body will not be accepting the benefits because your mind is against it! Yes, it is true that many diet plans are just advertised gibberish, but most of them are actually awesome ways to recover your body.

Find a useful plan after good research. See the menu, the schedule, the lifestyle aspects, and the comfortable flexibility offered by the plan. Do you want to try the recipes? Go ahead! If you don’t like it, you can always find the next best one.

4. Don’t you have time?

Many women complain that they cannot find the time to depart from their accustomed lifestyles. Well, you will always need the motivation. The time will fill you up automatically.

Where there is a will, there is a way! This old adage holds true in doing anything amazing you want to do, even if it’s about losing weight. It is true that you have to work and home to look after, making time can be difficult to manage.

However, are you even trying? Following a veggie diet would not take in your office hours because you will still be eating something at the lunch break. Similarly, slimming exercises don’t need to be hard as well. You can simply do a workout for ten minutes on the treadmill every other day.

5. You expect rapid results

One of the main reasons women abandon diet plans is because rapid results are not visible. While a particular plan may actually be unsuitable, the issue may be on your commitment as well.

Did you follow the rules highlighted in the plan? Promised results need to be realistic. You accumulated the obesity over years of negligence, can you really expect it to disappear in two weeks?

You will have to change your lifestyle and accept new habits. Both these aspects require significant mental efforts. Be realistic, and stretch your efforts up to your threshold. The results will definitely begin to show if you are consistent with a good plan.

6. You find the plan too restrictive

Many women find the plan they are following to be boring. Indeed, several diets require heavy restrictions. For example, in a Paleolithic diet, you are not allowed to eat whole grains.

However, whole grains are very filling, nutritious, calorie burners, and are recommended as a pre or post workout meal! These restrictions can be stressful, but you can always modify a unique system.

Who the hell is going to watch when you eat whole grains in a Paleolithic diet? As long as you are sure of the benefits of anything, you can always incorporate the same in your life. Just make sure that it is really good. The key aspect is to enjoy your dining.

7. The plan does not allow flexibility

Truth to be said, you should be following a plan that allows the flexibility of an occasional pizza. There should be space left for a balanced allowance of alcohol as well if needed.

Of course, some things like trans-fat items, packaged products steeped in additives, infected swine meat (pork is always infected), cold drinks, and energy drinks should be avoided.

Then again, the Pizza is above all reproach! A pizza is a pizza and you probably want to eat it occasionally. Don’t go for a very strict plan if you want it to succeed! Heck, no! Just be relaxed and find a plan that is perfectly comfortable for your body’s needs.

8. It takes a lot of preparation

Certain plans include elaborate recipes. Sometimes, even preparing a stew or a broth will take some time. The lethargy of following up with these preparations affects the way you diet.

You may try fervor for some days, and then you get bored with it and leave the plan altogether. Well, you can always find recipes that are easy to prepare! It should not be too hard! Also, go slow, and progress cumulatively.

Try a new recipe for lunch today, but enjoy the dinner with your usual food. When you have sufficient motivation from following the little efforts, you will also have the time to shift to a new plan in full.

9. It is weakening you

Some diet plans should be seriously avoided. These are made available on the guise of being good, but ultimately they malnourish your natural immunity.

It is not natural when your body is not having a balanced meal. You should get rid of excess carbs, and not the basic carbs needed for your body’s growth.

Understand the fine lines between eating less and starving. All these matters. You will never find the natural motivation for a diet plan that keeps you weak and dizzy all the time! Your body will be naturally resisting the food schedule. Find a plan that is truly good for you and not the one advertised best.

10. You are depressed all the time

One of the main reasons you may find it difficult to diet is maybe because you are depressed. In fact, eating comfort food is a major cause of unbalanced weight gain.

You will need to handle this issue psychologically. Getting rid of depression often requires no more than giving some human parasite its due treatment, once and forever!

Many people actually live by draining energy from the good souls, just because the latter allows it somehow. Don’t stop yourself when you need to express something fervently. As the sage poet, Walt Whitman once said, “Reject anything that insults your soul.” Once you are happy, you also have the confidence to follow the diet with endless motivation in action.

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