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10 Steps on How to Save a Relationship

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1) Be yourself

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to share your opinion with your partner just because he/she won’t like it? Not expressing your opinion will lower your self-esteem and reduce your happiness; it can even affect your health in a bad way. If you want to make your relationship work, it is best for you to express yourself, even if you disagree with your partner.

2) Leave past behind you

We all had good and bad relationships, but it is really important that you leave all those feelings behind you. Do not compare your ex to your current partner, it will not do any good. If you want to advance, you need to make sure that your commitment is on the highest level in your current relationship.

3) Don’t worry about other people’s opinions

Whatever people around you think, do or say, you need to understand that decisions you make will affect only you, and nobody else. Take into consideration opinions of your close ones, think them through, and make a smart logical decision.

4) Live like you want

Make sure that your partner knows your ideal way of life, but still be prepared to make some sacrifices. If it’s meant to be, you and your partner will find the gold middle which will satisfy you both.

5) Think positive

Don’t let your bad experiences affect your way of thinking. Always remember that positive attitude will make you feel better and that it will make you more attractive to your partner.

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6) Love yourself

Before you can expect from someone to love you, you need to love yourself. If you don’t have a lot of confidence and will to be happy even when you’re alone, the lack of faith might chase your current partner away. Emphasize your best characteristics and find the one thing in yourself that will make others love you.

7) Know what you want

Everyone has certain things that they’re looking for in a man or a woman. Whatever those things are, make sure that your partner knows them, it will make everything function properly.

8) Be open

If the way you approach your relationship doesn’t work, be open and try something else. Listen to your partner’s suggestions, try different things and find the one that will bring you closer together.

9) Think what you would do if you only had six month to live

This will really help you separate important things from the ones less important. It will also make it easier to make certain decisions and put thing into action. Few hard conversations might be all you need to wipe the slate clean. You will also realize that life is too short to waste it somewhere where you’re not happy.

10) Don’t give up

If you really care about your partner, do not give up. Two people that have true feelings about each other, will find a way to make things work. Keep in mind that finding the right person is not easy. Even if relationship doesn’t work out, it is good to know that you gave it your maximum efforts.


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