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10 Topics To Avoid On A First Date

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First date is all about first impression. The things we mentioned here are not things you should never talk about, but just try to avoid them on a first date, since your partner can judge you before he even met you properly.

1. Don’t talk about your political beliefs

Since you don’t know what are his/hers beliefs you are walking on a thin ice with this topic. This kind of conversations can become hostile if you are on different pages so it could lead to not calling you again, and maybe you were soul mates with different political views.

2. Don’t talk about your ex-relationships

Talking about your ex-partners is a really bad idea for a first date. Your partner could feel that you are comparing him/her with your ex and you could say a lot of negative stuff about yourself without even knowing it.


3. Don’t talk about your financial status

This applies whether you are standing good or bad financially. If you are having bad period in your life it does not mean you won’t get better soon, and if you are doing really well it will just sound like you are bragging and trying to seduce him/her with your money. Believe it or not that can be turnoff, especially for someone who considers him/herself independent.

4. Don’t talk about your family

It is ok to speak and ask about closest siblings but speaking a lot about your entire family, how they are crazy or happy or sad can make your partner get thinking in what kind of family he is getting in. And if you talk much about them it usually means you spend a lot of time with them which means that your partner will also if things work out for you two.

5. Don’t ask your date why is he/her single

If you think that you are giving your partner a compliment saying how someone so good looking can be single, you’re actually not. You can never know reasons why your date is single so asking this you could potentially open some hard issues.

6. Don’t talk about your fetishes

Almost everybody has some, but first date is not time to talk about that. Again, it is all about first impressions and fetishes are not something you want to be judged about on a first date. Just save it for later.

7. Don’t ask him/her to go home with you

Having sex on a first date is not good thing. You probably won’t call each other again if thing get little awkward. If you are going for a one night stand then it is ok, but if you want longer time relationship, wait (at least for a second date).

8. Don’t talk about awkward stuff from your past

Everybody has a past, but sharing all the bad things that happened to you can be a major turnoff. Talk about it in a small portions on your next dates.

9. Don’t complain

Don’t complain on your work, on your friends, on your family, on your pets. Speak about positive stuff. Nobody likes people who complain a lot.

10. Don’t talk about yourself too much

Share some things, try to listen and ask about him/her, don’t just go constantly about yourself. If it works out for you, you will have all the time in the world to say everything. Be a good listener.

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