11 Kid Friendly Dog Breeds You Don’t Know About

For centuries people were breeding different kinds of dogs to create the one that will suit their needs. Some of them are used to pull sleds, some are helping hunters catch the pray, some were made to fight and some simply to look cute. Virtually there are thousands of different breeds in the dog family. Plenty of them, like golden retriever or poodle are well known but there are also plenty that you don’t know about. So check out the list we made, and who knows maybe one of these ends up in your home.

Boykin Spaniel


Photo by scenefinder

1. Boykin Spaniel

Not many people have heard of this South Carolina based dog. Boykin was originally bred for hunting purposes and it is known for its endurance and stamina.Even though this spaniel has been used for over half a century in Carolina, American Kennel Club introduced it as a member in 2009 which is the reason why so many people haven’t heard about him. As of the appearance, it is a little bit bigger than the Cocker spaniel while looking similar.

We should add that clipping of the coat is done regularly especially if the dog spends a lot of time outside. The dog is very friendly and behaves itself quite intelligently. Kids should love this cute creature as the energetic character makes him very playful. Also the Boykin is not known as a trouble maker so you can safely leave him with your kids but we should add that the dog used to live in hot temperatures so take that in consideration if you live up north.

O Pris hunting 5/15/06Photo by Hunterhounds Otterhounds

2. Otterhound

This is an old British hound which was, as the name says, bred to hunt otters. The dog is a large hound as it weights between 36 and 52 kg. As it was bred for hunting the Otterhound possesses great strength and strong body while his webbed feet makes him exceptional swimmer so taking him on the beach is not a problem. People who own this hound would describe him as a great family dog which is very comfortable around humans.

Because of his hunting history, Otterhound needs to exercise as much as possible to maintain the exceptional fitness. The dog is not vulnerable to many diseases but as a large hound it could experience hip dysplasia. It is also interesting that there is only about 1000 of these making him one of the rarest on the list.

MocoPhoto by en voyage

3. Kishu

Unless you go to Japan you will probably not encounter one of these any time soon. The dog is white coated normal sized dog that you kinds will just adore. Even though it is extremely rare it is possible to see one of these in different color. As a lot of other dogs from the list, this one is also bred for hunting. It is been hailed for stalking the pray silently and doing things in quiet manner.

Almost like a real ninja. It is surprising to say that Kishu is very friendly and highly loyal which makes him a great pet. You will have difficult time actually finding one of these since there are very few breeders outside of Japan. But if you get the opportunity to take one, look for a puppy as it will socialize much better.

mery_chaddie_july0403 018Photo by t_bucket

4. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh is a hunting dog originating from a little Mediterranean island called Malta. Even though nobody ever connected this breed with Egypt it is widely believed that its ancestors are from there. And indeed, the hound looks a lot similar to dogs depicted on the walls of the pyramids. The hound is very athletic making him a great hunter.

Maltese people say that the dog can be stubborn sometimes but noting too serious as it is also very intelligent so it will eventually figure thing out. Pharaoh likes to be outside and play all day long but it can behave in closed areas as well. Your kids would love this hound as it bonds with humans rather quickly. If you like jogging, Pharaoh can be a great company in the morning.

CRW 9434 PSPhoto by dylanhauge

5. Catahouala Leopard Dog

Many people believe that this is one of the first breeds to be bred in America. Biologists say that it could be the mix of Native American dogs with greyhounds coming from Europe. The Catahoula Leopard dog is quite intelligent and very enduring which of course makes him an exceptional hunter. It is interesting fact that a lot of Catahoualas don’t look a like each other as the breeders are interested in their ability above anything else.

The dog is not known to be aggressive so many families decided to provide one of them with home. The Leopard dog has no issues around the kids as it takes looking after them as a responsibility. Is look rather unique so your kids should like him. Also even though the dog is not very well known it was named Louisiana State dog because of its history.

Where are all the dogs?Photo by balu51

6. Kuvasz

This is very old breed with origins from Hungary. Usually it looked after the livestock but at one point it even served as a Hungarian royal guard dog. The Kuvasz faced extinction in WWII when German soldiers were instructed to kill every single one of them because they were very loyal to their families. This is the reason why even today Kuvasz is often called the dog of Hungary. They are very playful as well so kids are having magnificent time interacting with them.

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Even though the dog likes its owners, it can also be independent so there should be no trouble if you leave him alone for some time. Kuvasz is very intelligent and many people say that it has sense of humor so expect a lot of laughter. We should also say that the dog likes to bark a lot so if you are having problems with this maybe reconsider owning one.

Russkiy ToyPhoto by Celimaniac

7. Russky Toy

This cute little pet was bred from English Toy Terrier. It is a very small breed making him great house pet. Actually the dog is famous and loved in western Russia and the only reason why you haven’t heard about him is because the communists didn’t like his mostly aristocratic owners. Today Russky Toy is loved and cherished by many families in Russia.

The dog looks a lot like Chihuahua but it can also be prone to bone brakes like one. The breed is playful and very cute which could make it popular in the future. They are also pretty loyal and should cause any trouble. Because Russky Toy is not well known around the world a lot of domestic breeders are working to change that.

op plank22Photo by w.hendriks

8. Beauceron

Next up on the list we have the herding dog coming out of France. Beauceron is very calm by nature making him a great guard dog. It is also very intelligent and fearless so it would protect you any kind of danger. The breed doesn’t come as familiar for a lot of people who are not from Northern France. The Bauceron is very strong, so strong that it fought wolves to protect the herd from attacks.

Latter as wolves were no longer an issue, the dog fitted perfectly in French houses making him great family dog. It tends to have very thick coats as it likes to spend a lot of time outside and since it is calm you can keep him in the house as well. During WWII they served as messengers and nowadays they work as search and rescue dogs.

JV1 5773Photo by J. Renard

9. Eurasier

Here we have this adorable, cute little dog originating from Germany. The dog was specially bred to be a pet it has no problems with temperament and it is very easy to train. It is a medium sized dog which tends to bond with the owners and that is why it is very loveable in every home in Germany. They weren’t around before 1960 so that might be one of the reasons why we know so little about them.

Eurasier weights from 18 to 32 kg, has a thick coat and comes in a lot of different colors. They don’t like being chained or in the cage so don’t do that to them. They really serve their purpose the best as family dogs. You should have no trouble training them as it is quite easy. Some people even use them as therapy dogs because they can be very calm and quiet at times.

Lowchen 03Photo by Itachi Silverwolf

10. Lowchen

During the 1960s this was one of the rarest breed on the planet. This small dog, often called Little Lion Dog draws his origins back in fifteen century. As evidence we can point to a lot of art from that time which clearly depicts the Lowcen as one of more popular dogs in that era. The dog was mostly owned by the aristocrats from Belgium, Germany and Holland.

It is very charming and quiet which is why people love them so much. Most toy dogs like to bark a lot but not this one so don’t worry if you are one of those people who like to sleep. The Lowchen has a long coat in a lot of different color variations. We should mention that these dogs don’t like being left alone so give them as much time as you can.

Foto De Skye TerrierPhoto by cocina joven

11. Skye Terrier

This breed is originating from Scotland, specifically from the Isle of Skye which where the name comes from. This dog is so rare that his existence is endangered. Not so many people heard about this one which is a shame since the terrier is very good companion. Skye is one of the oldest breeds that you can find and it can live up to 15 years. They like to play a lot and if you have any other animals at your home there may be trouble on the horizon as these little cuties love chasing more than anything.

The dog has no problems living in the house as long as you take it out to walk every once in awhile. Also you will need to brush him often as his hair can sometimes be all over the place. If its popularity doesn’t rise soon the little dog could face extinction so if you can be kind and offer your home to one of them.