11 Kid Friendly Dog Breeds You Don’t Know About

For centuries people were breeding different kinds of dogs to create the one that will suit their needs. Some of them are used to pull sleds, some are helping hunters catch the pray, some were made to fight and some simply to look cute. Virtually there are thousands of different breeds in the dog family. Plenty of them, like golden retriever or poodle are well known but there are also plenty that you don’t know about. So check out the list we made, and who knows maybe one of these ends up in your home.

Boykin SpanielPhoto by scenefinder

1. Boykin Spaniel

Not many people have heard of this South Carolina based dog. Boykin was originally bred for hunting purposes and it is known for its endurance and stamina.Even though this spaniel has been used for over half a century in Carolina, American Kennel Club introduced it as a member in 2009 which is the reason why so many people haven’t heard about him. As of the appearance, it is a little bit bigger than the Cocker spaniel while looking similar.

We should add that clipping of the coat is done regularly especially if the dog spends a lot of time outside. The dog is very friendly and behaves itself quite intelligently. Kids should love this cute creature as the energetic character makes him very playful. Also the Boykin is not known as a trouble maker so you can safely leave him with your kids but we should add that the dog used to live in hot temperatures so take that in consideration if you live up north.

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