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13 Tips To Get A Perfect Hourglass Figure

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13. Corset training

Corset training is most extreme and maybe most dangerous method for getting hourglass figure, but at the same time it is most efficient one. If you decide to try this, make sure you gather all the essential information to do this safely. If you are doing this for the first time chose the under-bust corset that is 4-5 inches smaller than your waist size. Also be sure to break corset before you fully tighten it. The corset itself needs to adjust to your body shape. When we say break it in, it means that you tighten the laces until corset sits snugly around your belly. Each day tighten it a little bit more. You should be able to close corset fully after wearing it for several months. You should never feel pain or lack of breath, if you do, you are not doing something properly.

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