5 Biggest Baseball Legends Of All Time

Ted Williams at Fenway ParkPhoto by pj_vanf

We have compiled a list of 5 biggest baseball legends of all time who ever stepped onto a field. We took in consideration player’s special achievements, overall career statistics and contributions to the game as a whole. Each player on this list is either current Hall of Famer or will certainly become in the future. Let’s begin.

Willie Mays

We are certain that the list of 5 biggest baseball legends wouldn’t be complete without Willie Mays. Mays play in the field was stellar and his 12 Gold Gloves are his proof. He was also a selection to the All-Star Game 24 times. During his career Mays hit 660 homers, was two-time NL VMP, and is also fourth on the all-time home run list. A lot of people thought that he would break Babe Ruth’s record of 714 dingers, since Mays piled on the homers. Mays was no lower than sixth in the NL MVP voting during every season from 1957 to 1966.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was the first great slugger of baseball and the most celebrated athlete of his time. He was truly celebrity both on and off the baseball field. It is worth noting that Ruth started his career as a pitcher, although everyone remembers him as a slugger. Babe Ruth won 89 games in six seasons with the Boston Red Sox, and he also helped the team to become the World Champion in 1915, 1916 and 1918. Later in his career he played for the Yankees, and that was the most memorable part of his career. Ruth led the Yankees to seven AL pennants and four World Series crowns.

Hank Aaron

Aaron is most remembered for his home run power and was also the last Negro American League player who played in MLB, as well. Aaron had career home run total of 755 and so far nobody has exceeded it. He also has records in extra base hits, career RBIs and total bases. In 1957, the NL’s MVP was the All-Star for 24 times. Hank Aaron was also handy with the leather, since he won three Gold Glove awards.

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Ted Williams

Ted Williams is one of the greatest players. There are many people who think that Williams is the greatest hitter in the modern era. In 1941, he betted .406, which has contributed to his lifetime batting average of .344. During his career, Williams was a two-time winner of the AL MVP and the Triple Crown. He has also won six batting championships and was the All-star 17 times. Beside he was a good contract hitter he also had impressive power, blasting 521 career home runs.


Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds started his career in 1986 and he is still active. He has already passed his godfather Mays on the list of all-time home run leaders. Bond is also approaching 700 homers and the totals which were posted by Aaron and Ruth. Let’s put aside doping controversy and say that he is definitely going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

He has only led the NL in homers twice, despite his awesome career home run total. Bonds has won six NL MVP awards. He also led the league in hitting with an average of .370, in 2002. A World Series championship ring is the only thing which Bonds doesn’t have. However, he had his chance in 2002 when the San Francisco Giants made it to the Series. Although he doesn’t have the all-time home run record, Bonds definitely deserves to be on this list.



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