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5 Hangover Remedies Which Really Work

Honey and lemon


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Hangover is the worst feeling ever. It can wreak your digestive track, organ function and immune system. Hangover happens when overburdened liver fights to clear out the excessive amount of chemicals and toxins which were ingested from too much alcohol.

Blood sugar also dips. Your body dehydrates and overall fatigue occurs. You actually create a toxic internal environment and your body is struggling with it. However, don’t get your hope up. There are some hangover remedies which really work and they will help you to feel better after awful hangover.

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Water and sports drinks

Experts think that the dehydration caused by heavy drinking makes you feel so sick the next day, but actually they know very little about the causes of a hangover. Alcohol withdrawal and disrupted biological rhythms are potential culprits and some studies suggest that congeners may also play a role, a toxic substance found in alcohol, such as whiskey. However, replacing the fluid you lost will most likely help you feel better. Water, Gatorade, juice, all those things are going to make you feel a little less miserable.


Honey and lemons

honey, hot water and lemon are the classic hot toddy, which is, of course, non-alcoholic. This beverage is easy to swallow and it will replenish sugars and fluids lost to a hangover. However, it’s vital to use honey instead of white sugar. Fructose can be found in honey, which competes for the metabolism of alcohol.

This healthy competition is important, because it prevents the fast change in alcohol levels which results in headaches. Sucrose can be found un plain sugar, but it isn’t absorbed as quickly. In order to make a toddy, boil one cup water and mix it in lemon and honey juice to taste. Make this toddy a few times a day.

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Ginger root

For a long time, ginger has been used to treat seasickness and nausea. This remedy does wonders, since having a hangover is much like being seasick. The best bet is to drink ginger ale, if you are really green, and no preparation is required for this beverage. Brew some ginger tea in just 10 minutes. Take fresh ginger root and cut it into 10 to 12 slices and combine with 4 cups of water. Now, boil it for 10 minutes. Strain and add the juice of half a lemon, the juice of one orange, and a half cup of honey. Drink in order to relief.


If you can manage a gentle workout it can be really helpful. However, if you have been drinking heavily then you could be a little dehydrated and your metabolism might be out of nutrition. If you are going to exercise your body will require nutrition and hydration. Although exercise if always a good thing to do, you may want to think twice if this is what you want to do first thing in the morning. It might be wise to rest a little bit first.


After a night of drinking people usually sleep poorly. At first you will fall asleep quickly, but when alcohol start to wear off a few hours later, the withdrawal your body feels can interrupt your sleep and wake you up. Even though a lack of sleep won’t itself cause a hangover, it can, however, make the symptoms feel worse. If you have the luxury of sleeping the next day, then do it. Your achy body and foggy brain will be thankful.