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5 Reasons Why Running Just Twice A Week Will Change Your Life

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There are many reason to run: to clear your head, to be fit, and to be able to eat as much food as you want. It seems that every runner has his or her own reason to run. By running just twice a week you will change your life. In case you start running, you will agree with some of these great reasons to run. Which of the following reasons motivate you to give it a go? Probably at least one.

You will be fitter

For majority of runners, this is one of the reasons to run which hot them to the track in the first place. The fitness aspect of running cannot be ignored in a time when so many of us are fighting obesity and its related health problems. In case you are on your own fitness journey and weight loss program, reap the fitness benefits of running safely, by starting slow, then gradually building your distance as well as pace until you are off and running. Your body will be thankful.

It is easy and cheap

There is no special, pricey equipment needed to run, aside from a good pair of running shoes. There is also no big learning curve, because your body was designed for this movement, and it is instinctual. Remember the hundreds of dollars which you have spent over the years on gym membership? Running is a far cry from this.


It will clear your head

This is one of the best benefits of running which doesn’t get much attention, but, in our opinion, it is very important. There is something special about getting lost in the rhythm of your footfalls and breathing, the solitude of the trail, the fresh air, which clears your mind and also helps you relax.

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You will meet new friends

Once you have found your running groove, and maybe your own pace, schedule, and place, you will notice other people along your route, runners as well as joggers and such. You will smile and nod as you pass, and perhaps someday even chat as you run down the trail together. These friendships can stay on the track, but some of these casual, running buddies can become real-life friends.

You will become an inspiration

Without realizing it, someday, you may become an inspiration to someone else, someone in your life, family or circle of friends who wanted to make a healthy change, and just needs a push in the right direction. There is a good change that you might not even have to say a word. Merely watching your healthy lifestyle transformation might just be the nudge they need. There is no guarantee for this, but you will probably start noticing that some of your friends or family members are inspired and motivated with your success and they also want to start running with you.