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5 Ways To Make Her Happy Without Spending Money

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It is not about money all the time. Buying an expensive gift can be considered as a big thing only if you don’t have a lot of money. But even if you are not rich you can still make your women smile and be happy with this few simple gestures that will show her how much you appreciate her. Because knowing that someone loves you is the best present of them all.

1. Surprise her

Take your time and think of something she said that she would like to do with you or someplace she would like to go to and surprise her. Even the smallest gesture, if she did not expect it, will bring a big smile on her face, only because you remembered something that is really important to her.

2. Make her favorite dinner or breakfast in bed

If you are dating you probably know what her favorite food is. Make it while she is not around and wait for her with candles and quiet music. The other alternative would be to make her breakfast while she is still asleep and bring it for her in bed. We guarantee that she would be delighted.

3. Take her to some beautiful place in nature and throw her a picnic


Tell her that you are going to some really boring place, and then take her to the local lake, forest or a park and surprise her with a picnic. You don’t even need to prepare something special, a couple of sandwiches and bottle of vine would be enough, because of the scenery and atmosphere of the place you choose. If you go for an evening picnic you can enjoy watching stars and cuddling out in the open.

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4. Make her a scrapbook or a video of your favorite times together

This may sound tacky but every girl still falls for this. Choose your favorite photographs or videos, remember all the times you had a blast with her, mix it all together and you will get one of the cutest presents for your darling. Just be sure to put some time and effort in it, and she will recognize it.

You can add 100 reasons why you love her or something other you think of and she will be swept of her feet for sure. It is going to be even more special if you don’t wait for a special occasion to give her this, but just a regular day, the surprise will be bigger.

5. Do her chores around the house

Even though this may not seem romantic at all, it is a huge thing. Helping her with the most boring work every girl must do, and making time for two of you to hang out instead is one of the most adorable things you can do for her. She will appreciate the help and the gesture itself. Try it and you will not regret it.