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5 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying

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Trust is probably the most important thing in any relationship, often it can take years to earn and only a moment to completely destroy. It can be hard as it is to find a partner that’s suitable for you, and even if you find somebody compatible, you have to know if their intentions are true or not and if their words are truly honest. Last thing you need is to find out that all those wonderful conversations and stories were just lies. Very few people can lie and be completely calm, in the other words there have to be signs of nervousness which indicate that a certain person is lying. In this article we’ll show you few ways you can use to find out if somebody is lying.

1. Covering the mouth

When somebody’s covering their mouth with their palm, it usually means that they are lying. This gesture is very often in liar’s world and they’re using it unconsciously. It seems that this gesture is connected directly with a desire to stop lies that are coming out of their mouth. On the other side if you are talking and the other person that’s listening to you is covering their mouth, it means that they don’t really believe in the words you are saying.

2. Touching nose

Other thing that could indicate that somebody is dishonest is if they are touching their nose. This gesture is connected to the previous gesture and it very often means that they’re lying. It is very easy to distinguish if somebody is touching their nose just because it itches or if they are doing it because they’re lying. If somebody is softly touching the nose, that really won’t help with itch and it means that they’re probably lying. On the other hand if you witness ordinary itching, this does not have any meaning, as same as if a person has glasses and they take them off and itch.

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3. Neck touching

This could be a very strong sign that somebody is lying. Now if somebody touches their neck from time to time, it doesn’t mean that they are lying, but, if they are doing it in a nervous manner and often during a conversation you can be almost positive that they are not telling the truth.

4. Touching ear

If the person you are talking to touches their ear during your conversation, it means that their words are not very honest. On the other side, if the person you are talking to touches their ear while you are talking, it means that they don’t agree with your words. It can also mean that they think that you’ve been talking for too long and that they want their turn.


5. Eye rubbing

In combination with other signs of nervousness, the act of eye rubbing can mean that person talking is dishonest. It can also mean that they don’t like what they see.


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