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6 Steps To Develop A Passion For Exercise

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All of us have at least one friend who, despite hectic schedule, never misses a day at the gym. Sure, they are a little and sometimes obsessive about working out, but we often envy them. However, the good news is that all of us have the potential to become obsessed with fitness. Here are 6 proven ways to develop a passion for exercise.

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There is no easy way

Only 20 minutes, three times a week and you will have an amazing body. Have you ever heard this expression? It is not only a lie, but it is a bad math, too. People who say that you can get in shape with minimal effort promote a terrible mindset – Those people give you the idea that exercise is a punishment and that you only need to do a little to achieve your goals.

Don’t expect miracle in the beginning

One study found out that it takes a long time to become a dedicated exerciser. You cannot just start training and expect some miracle transformation program and be in great shape in just 12 weeks. You first goal needs to be about becoming a regular exerciser. Just being someone who exercises a few hours a week is a major accomplishment that you should be proud of. Once you become active member at your local gym you can think about pushing exercise further and incorporating the diet necessary to achieve the result you want.

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Get professional help

Get-fit-quick schemes have many problems and they ignore the fact that exercise is a set of skills which requires effort, time and education to learn, regardless of the activity. In case you have never lifted weights and you walk into a gym for the first time, then you will at worst injure yourself, and at best hate it. However, if you hire a professional trainer he or she will guide you through the process of a new activity builds what is called self-efficacy. This is a form of self-confidence which reduces your initial anxiety with tackling a new activity so you can approach it with a more positive attitude.

Understand the motivation

Even though self-efficacy is an important aspect, there is more. People often start to exercise because they are afraid of disease or the consequences of inactivity. However, this is a terrible motivator and you should past it. What you need to do is to develop serious passion for exercise. This passion comes from achieving positive reinforcement. If the exercise elicits a positive response, such as feeling good, then your behavior becomes reinforced and you keep doing it. By actively looking for things which make you feel good, regarding exercise, you will create a mindset where you’re passionate about exercise. This takes some time.

Extrinsic motivators

An external pressure to exercise is an extrinsic motivator. There are many extrinsic motivators, such as a friend who wants to meet you at the gym, a personal trainer who makes you accountable, or a boot camp class where you will be missed in case you skip.


Start slow and always make progress

Although an aqua fit class or yoga aren’t going to do much to help you lose weight, they can be a starting point in becoming a regular exerciser. There is no reason for you to start with the hardest exercises. Instead, start doing exercise which is somewhat uncomfortable, and try another challenge when it becomes comfortable. Do that again and again, until one day one of your friends calls you crazy for being so dedicated.


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