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7 Best Foods To Eat Before Workout

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Here are the seven champions of pre-workout breakfast!

1. Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies have been deemed excellent as pre-workout nutrition. Really, as much as we talk about the benefits of fruits, we still can’t say enough! They are rich in phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, natural sugar, water, and fibers. They balance the acidic nature of the body and calm your digestive system.

Calmness has always been very important, and that is exactly what all runners are trying to accomplish. Your body should be aligned to that state of inherent relaxation so maximum energy resources are available. The calmer you are at the start, the better you run on the treadmill. If you are too excited, exercise seems to be inflated, and you resort to steroids.

2. Espresso for the Express

Yup, drinking coffee before the workout is a fantastic option. Heck, the world has been using coffee with cigarettes as the breakfast of champions since like forever! Now, since you are into the workout, better leave the smoking to smokers. Then again, since you are not probably a bodybuilder (more of a slimmer), a relaxing smoke and a convenient gap to allow the relaxation to settle, should not be that bad.

The choice is always up to you, but the point here is that getting high on caffeine before the workout is totally legit, even healthy. On the high note, it should not be totally irrelevant to mention that there are also a lot of articles regarding workout while high. Several states have already legalized recreational use.

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3. The energy burst

Apparently, you have two extreme options to tune your systems before running on the treadmill. First, you can calm your body with cool (literally also) foods like fruit smoothies. Anyone will feel calm after a glass of cold water or a nice chilled fruit smoothie. Alternately, you can also warm up your muscles with foods that warm you up.

Besides the caffeine mentioned above, you can also chew in a mouthful of dried fruits that can pump up your system. Chewing on almonds, raisins, or cashews heat your body almost instantly. You can also improve the experience by dropping the dried fruits in your chilled smoothie. That also makes up a nice drink! However, maintain an intuitive personal balance when it comes to quantity.

4. Oatmeal

A bowl of oatmeal is in the moderate energy category. You don’t feel too ‘cold’ neither do you feel too ‘warm’. However, you have to be careful on the quantity because oatmeal has a filling effect. You should not proceed with the workout on an empty stomach, but neither can you exercise if your stomach is full.

The key is the balance, down to your personal unique needs. You can find a serving amount on the internet, but what if that is a little too heavy for your disposition? Balance everything and the benefits of workouts will be visible faster. For example, you should not spend more time on the treadmill than your strain limit can handle!

5. Whole grains

Whole grains moderately release the energy. When you are in for a long exercise session, consider the whole grain meal. The fiber-packed brown rice and quinoa avail slow release of energy over an extended period of time. You can eat boiled whole grains with your bread and top it off with a little honey if needed. Fantastic simple recipes are available online.

However, before using farm produces such as whole grains and fruits, you should detoxify them first. They are typically rich in pesticide toxins. Soak the fruits in a diluted bath of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Only ten minutes of soaking will take out the pesticides. Wash the fruits and legumes in running water before cooking/boiling.

6. Bananas

Women all over the world prefer bananas as a hearty meal before workout. Indeed, the soft fiber of this slender fruit packs in sustained release of energy for the longest workouts. They are especially recommended for women because they are rich in potassium. Potassium deficiency has been found to be a major health issue in women.

Excessive loss of body fluids, eating fewer fruits, diarrhea, thyroid problems, etc. are common female ailments and all these take the toll on potassium. Your blood needs to have a balanced concentration of essential minerals such as sodium, calcium, and potassium to facilitate the fast transmission of neuro-electric signals to the brain. The faster you can coordinate your body without stressing your limits, the more you benefit from workouts.

7. Egg whites

The yolk is often deemed as a culprit, but some studies have shown it to have fat burning benefits. It is true that the yolk has a high concentration of tough cholesterols, but they can also serve as a motivation to workout harder and burn them off as well! The mind always has a balancing mechanism and when it senses a blockage in the heart, it suggests tougher workout.

Nevertheless, you can also prepare fantastic meals only with the egg whites. You can eat them as pancakes to avail the advantage of the sustained release of energy from a slightly warming food. Including the yolk will tune up the body’s thermostat up a few levels, requiring you to calm it down.


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