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7 Ways To Ruin Romantic Dinner

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Romantic dinner is always a good idea to surprise your partner or to just have an evening of intimacy. Keep in mind that it takes a delicate preparation to get everything just right. Here are seven things that you need to avoid.

1) Bad Music

For example, if you play anything from Bloodhound gang, you’re on the right way to ruin you romantic evening. You have to be aware that music will dictate everything, and don’t forget that slow music is an important part of every romantic dinner. Don’t go overboard with 80’s music and do a little research.

2) Bad lighting

Dimmed lights are always a good idea. This kind of lighting will make females feel good about themselves because they will not have to think about, for example, the condition of their skin. This small detail will give you amazing results.

3) Heavy food

Do not pick a complicated and heavy meal because it will make you sluggish afterwards. Keep in mind that you’re not there just to eat. It is important that you can play with food and that it is an ally in your game. Pick something very light that involves a lot of vegetables and maybe a little bit of meat. For a desert use something simple like strawberries and cream. Also do not forget about a bottle of some fine wine which will help you and your partner relax.

4) Tension

You certainly don’t want to be tense during romantic dinner. It will make your partner feel uncomfortable and it could ruin the whole experience in a second. Do whatever you need to do to be completely relaxed because the right atmosphere will ensure that your plans are going in right direction. As we mentioned, a bottle of wine or champagne is a good idea, unless you overdo it.

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5) Lack of romantic settings

For almost every person, romantic settings implies a room that’s illuminated by candle or fire from a fireplace. You could also get some scented candles, but don’t overuse them; you don’t want to be in a room where it’s impossible to breathe. Add some chocolate to your plans because it raises the levels of endorphins and it makes sure you and your partner are in a good mood.

6) Distractions

When you prepare a romantic dinner for somebody, you want to make sure that there are no distractions like cell phones and computers. Something simple as phone call could ruin your plans. If you have kids, take them to grandparents for a couple of hours. Do whatever is in your power to ensure that you have all the privacy you’ll need.

7) Bad outfit

As you can see from this article, every detail plays its own role. This goes for both men and women- if you went through all this hard work to make everything just right, it shouldn’t be a problem to pick something to wear that’s attractive and sexy. Good outfit will make you feel better about yourself, and as a result it will make everything function smoother.



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