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All You Should Know About Reiki

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The first thing most people do when they experience pain is to put their hand on it. Human touch conveys serenity, love, warmth, healing and caring.

When a dog or a can is in pain, the first instinct is to lick the pained area. The basis for all touch healing techniques is this simple act.

All living being, human, animal and even plant radiates energy and warmth. This energy is the life force. The Reiki is named by term Ki, which means energy in Japan. Reiki is based on the Usui system and it is ancient system of natural healing. In this article, we will discuss some of the basics of Reiki.

Reiki treatment

During a standard Reiki treatment, energy flows from the hands of practitioner into the patient. Usually, the patient lays on a massage table, but a person can be treated even in sitting or standing position. The patient remains in cloth. The practitioner places hands near or on the patient body in a number of hand positions.

These include positions around shoulders and head, feet, and stomach. However, other, more specific positions may be used depending on the needs of the patient. Depending on how much Reiki the patient needs at each position, each position is held for three to ten minutes.


Usually, the whole treatment lasts from 40 minutes to one and a half hour. It varies from person to person what one experiences during a Reiki treatment. However, usually all patients feel deep relaxation. In addition, many of them feel a wonderful glowing radiance which flows around and through them.

Since the Reiki energy encourages a person to let go of all anxiety, fear, tension, or some other negative feelings, a state of well-being and peace is experienced. At the end of Reiki treatment, person feels refreshed and has more balanced and positive outlook.

Who can be treated

Reiki treatment has had a positive effect on all forms of negative conditions and illness. This includes minor things such as bee sting, flu, colds, tension, anxiety, head or stomach aches as well as serious illness such as leukemia, cancer, heart disease, and other. Also, the side effects of regular medical treatments are also eliminated or reduced.

This includes depression, post operative pain, negative effects of chemotherapy as well as reducing the time needed to stay in the hospital and improving the healing rate. Reiki treatment helps and in some cases completely heals, which has been confirmed by medical test before and after a person had the Reiki treatment.

However, even though some people experienced miracles, there is no guarantee that it will happen to everyone. Psychological and physical improvements and stress reduction are condition which most people experience.

Reiki energy, guided by the Higher Power, will know the condition of the patient and adjust appropriately. Reiki does only good. A lot of pregnant women received Reiki treatment and they got great benefit to them and to their unborn child.

Side effects

Most people feel uplifted and relaxed by Reiki treatment. However, sometimes a patient can experience what is called a healing crisis. When a vibration of patient goes up, toxins in his body will go into the blood stream and they will be filtered by the kidneys and liver and removed from patient’s system.

When this happens, a patient might get a stomach ache, headache or feel weak. In case this happens, it is good idea to eat lighter meals, get more rest, and drink more water. Patient’s body is cleansing, which is a part of the healing process, and it is a good sign.

Price of a treatment

Usually one Reiki treatment costs from 25 to 100 dollars, but it depends on the area of the country. However, some of the practitioners offer free treatments or they do it for a donation.

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