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Are You Doing One Of These 5 Things That’s Turning Off Your Man?

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1. Crying a lot

Believe it or not there is a study which proved that if men smell tears of his women, became less aroused sexually and since one thing leads to another, less attracted to that women. The explanation for this are little stretched because they don’t know how to explain it. So ladies just so you know don’t cry if you wants some action, save it for later.

2. Wearing too much of a make up

Sure, every man likes when his lady dress up for him. And almost every lady likes to dress up anyway so this becomes win-win situation. But a survey was made and the result was a bit shocking. Men do not like for women to wear too much of a make-up. Some men said that they would like if their partners wear a little less make-up, while some even went that far saying that they wish ladies would not wear make-up at all. So ladies if you are planning to get intimate with your darling that night (or day) tone down the make-up for that occasion.

3. Drink too much


Having a fellow man that drinks like there is no tomorrow is a god thing, but having a girlfriend that drinks a lot is not his thing. So yes it is a double standard, but you wanted to know what a major turnoff is for your man. So if you like to drink a lot and party leave it for a girls night out. And when you go out with your sweetheart drink little and never go over the border. There will always be men who don’t agree with this but majority of men does. It is a fact.

4. You nag too much and tell him what to do

The relationship can’t be just as you imagined it would be. He is not a man from your fantasies, he will have shortcomings and you have to make your peace with it or find another man. Constantly nagging will turn off every man, and if you keep telling him what to do, it just can’t last. So prepare yourself for compromising and save nagging for occasions where he did something wrong big time. Remember you are not ideal and it can’t always be his fault.

5. You don’t like his friends and you keep reminding him on that

Don’t do that, they are his friends and you just don’t have rights to do that, and they are his friends probably for a longer time than you are his girlfriend. If you do like his friends, that is win-win situation for both of you, you can all hang out together, but if that is not the case, keep it for yourself. Just like he does not have rights to interfere between you and your girlfriends, as you would not allow him to do that anyway.

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