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Buying a New Home – Getting a Loan

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Acquiring the Best Deal on Mortgage Loans

Real estate purchases essentially come down to the home loan, or the often dreaded mortgage! Why, cold feet are only natural when the payment is going to take a chunk out of your savings on down payment and long-term installments! It is vital to sign the mortgage contract after a careful evaluation of all the options. You will definitely need the assistance of a competent real estate agent. The agent will present the options, and negotiate whenever possible.

Types of mortgages

Consumers have various options for mortgages. First, you have the Federal home loans, Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and the Freddie Mac. Although these sound like people’s names, they are actually different mortgage plans. Ginnie Mae is Government National Mortgage Association. Fannie Mae is Federal National Mortgage Association. Freddie Mac is the acronym for Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

The Government makes these available through various official programs and Government sponsored entities. The other option is to obtain the mortgage from private lenders, including banking corporations. Numerous deals are available, and these are typically more open to negotiations than Government arrangements. The White House offers loan modification programs on mortgage payments as well, if you qualify that is.


Consult your agent to discuss the pros and cons of the arrangements before you arrive at an informed agreement. However, consumers need to be very careful from the perils of predatory lending. Many companies have been accused of finding legal loopholes and exploiting them to drain all savings from homeowners. The problem is clearly evident in the increasing rate of foreclosures at America.

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Anyone can guess the extent of the issue given the numbers of unfortunate homeless people nowadays. In addition, there are different other sub-segments of the mortgage market. For example, Canadian residents intending to buy properties in US have to apply to a special service with a bank providing the same. Immigrants also need to follow specific guidelines for the loan.

Choosing a mortgage

Your best bet is always to choose a fixed rate mortgage. This ensures you have the guarantee of a steady rate throughout the term of the mortgage. If you sign into a variable rate mortgage because of a low initial interest rate, later on you will end up paying massive amounts as you legally consented to the fluctuations of rates.

Finding a good real estate agency is of paramount importance. A trusted agency will give you the best advices. You can simply check their credibility by asking which is better than the other, fixed or variable rate. The response you receive will definitely tell you whether it is a credible agency because you already know the right answer.

Negotiation parameters

Obtaining the mortgage from a private lender is open to negotiations. It is actually surprising that many customers are unaware of this capacity. A good negotiator can employ different strategies. Many customers also apply for bankruptcy to obtain a lower home loan interest rate. Your agent will use your credit history, financial status, monthly income, other investment commitments, shares, stocks, and mutual funds among other things. Obviously, you will need to have all the relevant documents ready for the application.