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Buying A New Home – Property Inspection Basics

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The Checklist for Choosing the Best Home Inspector

You have heard about home inspection checklists. However, have you heard about a checklist for the right home inspection? Obviously, the two perspectives are interrelated, but they also change the perspectives on a broad level.

A checklist for home inspection may not mention the things that they will not check usually. A checklist for home inspectors will ensure that you find a service that does. That’s the difference! Read on the following points why appoint an inspector and how to appoint a good service.

The need for inspection

The need for home inspection is valid for residential, rental, and commercial purchases all. When you are buying, you need to hire an inspector even when the seller already has an inspection report. You need to correlate your own report with that of the seller’s to find whether the prices are right or inflated. Please remember that real estate inspection largely operates as an unlicensed service in many states, including California.

An inspector may not be legally obliged by law to provide the correct appreciation of the home. A seller may want to take advantage of it and present the home in good health while it is not so in reality. Again, this same unlicensed aspect implies that you must be careful into choosing a good inspector. You do not want to pay extra to the investor either!

Contact a real estate agent

You need to contact a good real estate agent. Competent services often offer home inspection as a part of their package. Working with a reputed and reliable service somewhat guarantees a good value from the inspection. Nevertheless, you should not hesitate to ask for licenses in choosing the inspection service.

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Certain categories of verifications do require state approvals. These include presence of asbestos, VOC emissions from the walls, lead paint on walls, wood destroying organisms, rodent infestation, mold, mildew, and fungi prevalence. Now, it is sure going to be frustrating when you buy your new home and find a rodent infested basement!

That is totally not done, especially when you already paid for a home inspection service. The best strategy here perhaps is to seek references from previous homebuyers. A well-known agency can always provide you with contacts of their valued clients, if they have the permissions for the same.

Also, look up online. Nowadays, it is actually rare for a person or a company to not have any kind of an online footprint. If the inspection is via a real estate service, then it is actually easier. You can always check the credibility of a reputed agency from the real estate review sites.


Making an informed choice of choosing a suitable home inspection agency saves you from both mental stress and financial expenditure. Professional bills for dealing with rodent infestation, mold, mildew, lead paint, etc can stretch up to thousands of dollars.

It is a cost totally uncalled for and you deserve better than that! You will obviously be checking the details of the inspection checklist. Make sure it covers all areas such as the ground, the basement, the status of the plumbing, roof status, utility status, wall paints, and anything else you need to know about the home.


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