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Can Online Dating Lead To Real Love?

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Yes it can, accordingly to one third of Americans married between 2005 and 2012. Psychologist John Cacioppo wanted to know how many people found happiness trough online dating, and it turns out that one third of American married in stated period meet online. More than half of them met on dating sites, while others met somewhere else in virtual world (social networks, online games communities, chat and forums).

An according the results they are even a little bit happier and their marriages last little longer than traditional ones. But if you want steady relationship or a marriage through online dating you will have to do it right. There are lots of people that get distracted with the amount of people online that they just can’t decide. They can’t settle on one person and built one relationship because they keep thinking they are missing someone better.

However, that is usually the case with people who are indeterminate in life all together or the ones that don’t really want to settle down. If you want to find true love online you will have to prepare yourself well. First of all be sure what you want. When you define what your partner needs to be or what he should not be you will find that your choice shrunk a lot. Applying all your personal filters will leave you with a couple of candidates from which you can choose or give them all a chance.

If you worry what kind of people uses dating sites we have to tell you times had changed. Ten years ago when someone searched for dates online people considered him to be a looser. But today things are totally different. Many happy stories made people try for them self and now that is a community that grows by the day. Millions, even tens of millions profiles can be found on most popular dating sites.

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It is simple because lives are becoming much busier, people are traveling more and to a more distant areas so there is less and less time to put in going out and meeting people. That is especially hard for single parents that are over 40. So that is why every day more and more people is trying online dating, which again heighten your possibility to find your soul mate online.


So after everything written here, we say again yes, online dating can lead to try love. As the days go by this becomes more and more popular way for people find their try love. And if millions succeeded already, than the question from the title is already answered by them, don’t you think?



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