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Detox Diet Basics

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Much has been said about diets as well as detox, but here we want to present a simple Detox Diet Basics to cleanse your system,that will make you feel better and revitalise you with vigor, its simple and very efficient. This detox diet can be used after a period of alcohol over-indulgence, or when you awake feeling ill, it will revitalize you swiftly. This detox diet must not be used daily.

24 hour detox diet basics fundamentals

The foundation for this detox diet is four glasses of ‘fresh’ pomegranate squash, a high-power vegetable salad, 200 grams of raw almonds, and slow-cooked brown rice. The recipe will give you all the vitamins plus minerals you need in one day, clear your body of poisons and oxidants, and it will give you plenty of vitalities to face the world. You will also drop a minimum of 600 grams or upwards of 1 kilo depending on your height or body weight.

Detoxing to cleanse the body

The pomegranate is a very potent anti-oxidant. It has been revealed to reverse and even avert some cancers and heart ailment. The almonds will source all the calories, oils, as well as proteins you need, without feeling starved. The salads are suitable for bulk and all the vitamins plus minerals that are added from the eating of salads or vegetables. The brown rice is likewise a wonderful antioxidant, in addition to being a source of many vitamins as well as minerals that can be freely absorbed by the body.

The guidelines of this detox diet are easy:

1. No coffee, tea, or any other soft drink. The ONLY fluids that are permissible are the four glasses of pomegranate juice besides water.

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2. If you are a cigarette smoker, try to make a break for the 24 hours, or if you cannot, restrict the cigarettes to hardly any, and try not to breathe in, but smoke the cigarettes as you would any cigar.


3. Take a hot bath both in the morning then in the evening, scouring the skin with a loofa, brush, or special skin cloth that will rouse good blood circulation. Also visiting a sauna is a brilliant idea. Spend as much time there as possible, taking your diet with you along.

4. Do not cheat the system; follow the diet plan. Eat ONLY if hungry, not by the clock tick.

5. Exercise by all means for at least 45 minutes throughout the day. This is very essential.

Detox diet morning meal recipe

One glass of cold pomegranate juice, with a few raw almonds. Do not overeat; when you are about half satisfied, stop.

Detox diet for mid-morning snack

One dish of the brown rice, with some usual soy sauce, and some few tofu if you feel you want protein. One glass of water is perfect.

Detox diet lunch

A glass of pomegranate juice with a mixed green salad,. A dressing of wine vinegar, virgin olive oil, and salt can be utilized.

Detox diet diner

The last glass of cold pomegranate juice in addition to a large dish of brown rice. No additional food ought to be consumed with this kind of detox diet. You will take over 1200 calories, plus a host of wholesome as well as healthful nutrients. In addition, the body will have at least 24 hours to get rid of body toxins absorbed through over-indulgence, or maybe simply daily city life.

During the day, If using this detox diet, you might feel eccentric and alert. We recommend that you don’t follow this detox diet more than a day weekly, as it is not operational as a general everyday diet. It is though highly effective as a fast pick me up and cleaning diet.


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