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Don’t Do These 7 Things When You’re On A Diet

Eat Your Greens
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Check out these seven tips on avoiding the mistakes of a perfect diet to restore your health.

1. Don’t starve yourself

See, the point of dieting is not to starve. This is a very usual mistake. The point is not to overeat. Learn to limit the amount of food you eat. Eat until you get full or try to leave some space. Eat good, healthy, and eat in moderation. That’s the only secret you need to know to stay in shape.

There is really no point trying to become a Barbie doll if it is unhealthy! Health matters. Be in your natural fit shape that’s it. In fact, a lot of talks is also going on about an unrealistic image of women’s bodies shown in adverts. Not all girls are slim. Some are curvy, and it’s okay! Curviness and obesity are not same!

2. Don’t be desperate

The weight has not been gained in one day, one week, or one month! Of course, you can easily shed a few pounds in one month if you are serious about dieting. However, if you have a lot of excess weight, you will have to be patient. Have patience. Go slow.

At first, you will need a lot of time just for getting into the motivation of following the diet. It is natural. Do not beat yourself up! Take your time but do not lose your efforts. Even if you lose, try again and again as long as you have the confidence to refrain from eating too much. Follow any convenient diet plan and add some exercises to your routine.

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3. Not keeping track

A key idea of dieting is to keep track of what you are eating and when you are eating. It helps to count calories in your food. Although calorie counting may not be required in all diet plans, some of them do. Besides, you may just lose track of the amount you eat. It happens. Keep track of your food. Start by reading the labels on the products you buy.


You should make sure that you don’t buy GMO foods. When buying packaged foods, check the labels carefully. The rule to choose good food is simple. Buy it fresh. Do not depend on foods with long shelf lives! It is common sense that long shelf life means preservatives.

4. Only diet and no exercise

Any weight loss program should be made of both diet and physical exercises. You need to sweat out the calories. The main issue with making the physical effort is at finding the motivation. You will have to find the time to exercise. Time may be available, but you will need motivation. It should not be very tough.

All you need to do is to find ten minutes every alternate day. That should not be very tough! Yea, you do not have to sweat it out for hours at a gym! Just don’t take it heavily! The toughest part is leaving the couch actually. You can always listen to your favorite Rock n Roll!

5. Drastic dieting

People take extreme steps to lose weight. Going on a juice and soup diet for one week at a stretch will unbalance your system. It would be too hectic for the body to handle. Even if you are detoxifying by juice, do not keep it exclusive. Have some solid food also. In fact, fresh fruits are actually recommended with detoxifying diets. The apples are good.

Also, you will lose weight after crash dieting drastically, but the lost weight is mostly muscle mass! It will weaken your immunity as well. Moreover, after the diet phase is over, you will naturally feel super hungry. This will make you eating more than you did.

6. Not allowing diversity

You need to plan a rich diet. Eat heartily. Do not overeat. That’s the point. Eating well is not forbidden. Try different recipes. Many diet plans have restricted recipes. The main idea is to find a diet that does not feel suffocating to follow. You should be comfortable with the food.

Many great recipes are available in vegan diets, Mediterranean diets, etc. Dress a salad sometimes. Take care of the garnishing. Do not take diet too technically. Enjoy eating good food. See, if it is boring to eat, you will feel like that you are stuffing yourself against your will. That’s not the point. Order a pizza sometimes.

7. Too scientific

Food always has an emotional aspect attached. You feel good. That is emotion. So, if you are approaching dieting scientifically, you will be missing out the emotional connection. Enjoy your meals, and keep them aesthetic. If you are all the time busy counting calories, you are actually missing out on adoring yourself by your great figure.

Learn to appreciate yourself! Eat well and stay happy. Don’t eat so much that it makes you unhappy. You know the balance. Start listening to your body. When you feel that you are eating or drinking too much, just pause. It is always good to eat a little less than filling up fully.


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