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Fiber And Weight Loss Tips



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Fiber goes hand in hand with losing excess weight and healthy eating habits. Foods which are high in fiber, such as vegetables and fruits, are always a part of good and healthy food programs.

But, what is so important about fiber? Chemically, fiber is a sugar-like substance called polysaccharide. There are thousands of forms of fiber.

It’s a part of the plant which our bodies cannot digest. Every fruit and vegetable has at least some fiber. For that reason, eating the whole vegetable or fruit is much healthier than just the juice which has only the vitamins, minerals, and calories.

Insoluble fiber and soluble fiber are two most important major types of fiber. The insoluble fiber creates bulkier stools, absorbs water and regulates the stool pattern. The bacteria in the colon or lower bowel don’t break down this fiber. The absorbed water is responsible for the increased bulk in stool. Rice, corn, rye, barley and wheat are examples of insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber is the second type of fiber. This type of fiber also absorbs water and becomes sticky and gelatinous. Oat bran, fruit pectins, oats, gum and gum arabic are examples of soluble fiber. Soluble fibers are first metabolized and then used as a food source by the necessary and beneficial colon bacteria.


The increased bacteria growth is responsible for the stool bulk created by soluble fiber. In addition, soluble fiber can lower your cholesterol 15-20%.Losing weight is very simple. You should eat less calories than what your body needs during a day. In addition, you should also have a plan with short- term and long-term goals.

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Don’t lose weight too fast – If you do so it will come back just as quickly. People who lose weight slowly, 1 or 2 pounds per week, are doing it correctly. A realistic goal is 5 pounds a month or 20 pounds in six months.

Activities – You need something to fill the void if you spend less time eating. Physical activity, such as walking, is almost a necessary part of the program. A 30 minutes to 1 hour walk a day does wonders in clearing the head. However, you shouldn’t expect to burn off a lot of calories until you get into aerobic exercise, such as bicycling, jogging, swimming and/or others. It is recommended to exercise in the gym or outside, rather than home. You should make friends with people who have similar interests.

Eating habits – It is hard to change your eating habits, and it may feel like you are changing your instincts for sex or breathing. Eating habits are really part of ourselves and we usually learned them at an early age. Should I eat when I get stressed out? How much food makes me full? And how do I deal with these feelings? Make no

mistake about it – it is difficult and in order to be successful it must be addressed. A friend, the spouse or a physician can be able to help. Maybe you can learn some self-contemplative stress reduction methods, such as relaxation technique.