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FSH And Male Infertility

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A balanced level of hormones is essential to normal fertility. Follicle-stimulating hormone, or FSH, is a naturally occurring hormone which is made by the pituitary gland in our bodies.

Low or high levels of FSH are clear indicator that something is out of balance within the reproductive system and can be causing problems with the couple being able to conceive.

The levels of FSH are used to determine if there is an imbalance within the reproductive system, but low or high FSH is not the direct cause of fertility problems, rather just a clue that there can be one. It is important that men have normal levels of the FSH hormone. A contribution to infertility can be an imbalance of this hormone, and if a couple has trouble conceiving it can be wise to test the FSH levels in both.

FSH controls the production of sperm for men, which is essential for fertility. Man’s FSH levels remain relatively constant throughout the month. Normally, follicle-stimulating hormone levels in a man should be between 5 and 15 IU/L. If the levels of FSH are high, it could indicate that the testicles have been damaged by some condition or they are not functioning properly.

This could also indicate the presence of a genetic disorder called Klinefelter syndrome, which causes the presence of too many X chromosomes in the male. On the other hand, low levels of FSH normally indicate that sperm is not being produced. There are many causes for low or high FSH, and for that reason it is hard to say why FSH levels can be low or high. It is a delicate balancing act when it comes to hormones.

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The glandular system is one of the most complex and important system in the body. It is not hard to get caught up in wanting to increase a certain hormone so your levels are normal once again. However, the problem with this approach is a hormone in another area, which can become out of balance as a result, and is just as important as the first. For this reason natural therapies can be very helpful.

A blood test determines the levels of FSH, which is often combined with other tests in order to diagnose hormonal levels that can show reproductive problems, such as sperm counts. A high FSH level can indicate an imbalance with the testes. A low level of FSH can indicate an imbalance in the hypothalamus or pituitary. In order to help your body to function at its best you should focus on helping the body to rid itself of excess hormones, supporting the hormonal glands, and maintaining a healthy weight.

You can use these therapies by themselves or in a combination with medical therapies. Make sure to talk to your doctor about this first in case you are taking hormonal drugs. Blood sugar levels and insulin resistance also have a big impact on the hormone levels and endocrine system. For that reason maintaining a healthy weight is important for normal, healthy hormonal function.


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