High Calories And Health, Is It Possible?



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Although a lot of people are trying to reduce their intake of calories in order to lose weight, there are others who are looking for healthy, high-calorie foods which will help them gain or maintain weight.

Food which is high in fat is naturally high in calories as well, but not all high-fat, high calorie foods are bad for your health. However, some of them are among the healthiest foods which you can get.

These foods are good for your cardiovascular health and they help fight against bad cholesterol. Therefore, in this article we will look for foods which are high in calories and also good for your health. Foods which make this possible are avocados, olives, nuts, oils, bananas, fatty fish, and others.


World Health Organization and other major global health institutions cite strong evidence about peanuts and nuts providing a great heart health benefits. The omega-3 fatty acids un nuts, such as cashews, almonds and walnuts are touted as high-protein, healthy foods, even though they are high in fat and calories overall. For example, a quarter of cup of walnuts contains 166 calories, and 146 of those calories come from fat.


Olives are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin E and iron. Olives are a healthy topping for pizza, pasta and seafood dishes and they make a fine fatty snack. They are high in oleic acid, which is often chosen as an unsaturated substitute for the animal fats in eggs and butter. One olive contains about five calories.


Avocados are fruits grown on trees in tropical climates and they are high-fiber and creamy. Avocados are prized for their nutty, smooth flavour and their health benefits as well. Combining avocado with foods such as romaine lettuce, red chili peppers and tomatoes improves the ability of your body to absorb important fat-soluble nutrients, like lutein and beta-carotene.

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There are about 20 minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins in an avocado which help your body fight disease. There are 234 calories in one cup of sliced avocado, and 200 of those calories come from fat.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which can lower your cholesterol, blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Swordfish, mackerel, flounder, herring, canned tuna, and fresh or frozen salmon are the best choices. There are 155 calories in a 3-ounce serving of Atlantic salmon and 7 grams of fat.


Olives, avocados, nuts, and legumes contain monounsaturated fats. Since these are healthy fats it is no surprise to learn that they also contain healthy oils. Avocado and walnut oils mix well with vinegars and citrus juices to become healthy dressings and marinades. You can use olive oil at room temperature to dress pastas and salads. The main component of vegetable oil, soybean oil, is a great choice for cooking foods without adding flavour.


Bananas are rich in thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, fiber, potassium, vitamin A, riboflavin and folic acid. Bananas are a nutritious snack which will keep you satisfied. There are 120 calories in a large banana, almost double the calories in comparison to other fruits.