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How Do We Forget?

Forgotten bearPhoto by Esparta

No man is aware of how much we remember! Close your eyes and try to remember everything you see – all the people, all the houses, all the streets, all the things you’ve ever seen and all the words and numbers that you have ever learned. It seems to have no end.

In our brain there is a center for memory, where millions of concepts are placed in the “warehouse”, as well as an orderly in a good book. We do not yet know how this works in the details, but we know that this occurs at exactly one certain way, depending on the subject.

Since the terms are grouped in a certain order, it is possible that a part of the “warehouse” is damaged or destroyed, and the other parts remain intact. For example, after brain injury or bleeding in the brain can destroy part of the “warehouse” where we store only certain concepts. Man can “forget” how to use the words, but still knows to use numbers.

Sometimes people lose the ability for visual recognition because they are old or because of any violation which does not allow them to identify items that they look at. They can watch the ball, and not to know what it is. But, if they touch it, they maybe would be able to recognize it because recognizing things by touch depends on the different “stock” than the visual memory.

Our brain has a single center in memory for sounds. There are sounds stored and remembered as the huge discotheque, which houses CD’s or MP3’s.

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Man can completely lose his memory, which is called amnesia. This is sometimes a caused by great concern or fear.


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