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How To Deal With The Holiday Blues

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People should look forward to the holidays and hope that they will be a time of harmony and happiness.

However, sometimes our excitement and anticipation turns into feelings of depression, which is better known as holiday blues.

Insomnia, anxiety, intestinal problems, sadness, unnecessary conflict with friends and family, uneasiness, and headaches are common symptoms of holiday blues.

Anxiety and mood changes are often happening in the holiday season and may occur because of the stressfulness of holiday events. In addition, fatigue, overeating and overdrinking can also be causes. The season demands many things, such as travel, shopping, cooking, family reunions, houseguests, office parties, more shopping and additional financial burden.

A lot of us are probably already stressed out or depressed due to our current recessionary economy. There are a host of things which add difficult emotions and stress during the holidays, such as divorce, grief, loneliness, stress, and finances. Therefore, here are some measures to get through the holiday season happily, and ways to deal with the holiday blues.


You should make your plans in advance. This way you will know with whom and how your holidays will be spent. People who are uncertain tend to put off decisions and add unnecessary stress.

Avoid the shopping crunch by shopping earlier and allowing time to wrap and mail all packages.

Women often think they have to do everything but a team effort can be more fun. For that reason ask for help from your children and family.

Shame often prevents people from being open when it comes to gift-giving when they cannot afford it. Don’t struggle with the fact that you can’t buy a gift, instead let your loved ones know how much you actually care and would like to, but cannot afford it. That moment of intimacy will relieve you from stress.

Keep in mind that being together and goodwill is all that matters. Don’t let perfectionism to wear you down.

Make some time to rest for a while. Don’t let the pressure to wear you down. This will give you more energy.

A study has shown that warmth improves mood. Therefore, if you are feeling lonely or sad, treat yourself to a warm cup of hot tea or bath.

If it’s necessary you should spend some time alone in order to reflect and grieve. Let yourself free, because pushing down your feeling will lead you to depression. Do something nice for yourself and socialize.

Visit other people who may be also lonely. Don’t isolate yourself. Volunteer to help those in need if case you don’t have someone to be with. It can be very gratifying and uplifting.

Changes in appetite, weight or sleep, social withdrawal, irritability, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, loss of interest in usual activities, crying, feelings of sadness, and worthlessness or guilt are signs of depression. If these symptoms are severe or continue for a several weeks, it might be time to seek professional help.

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