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How to Recognize Poisonous Mushrooms?

Poison MushroomsPhoto by gwp57

The best way to determine which mushrooms are safe to eat and which are not, is not to try them! No matter what they say, no matter what “methods” to identify mushrooms you have, never try mushrooms. The only mushrooms that are safe to eat are those that can be bought in stores!

It is not true that certain mushrooms can poison a man only if he touches them.

Another misconception about mushrooms is that mushrooms with pink tiles under the cap (hats) are not toxic. This misconception is based on the fact that the two most famous types of edible mushrooms with pink tiles and Amanitas, which are toxic, have white tiles. But the difference between these types cannot always be determined. In addition, many mushrooms safe to eat do not have pink tiles under their hat.

A lot of people still have misconceptions about mushrooms. Some, for example, think that when the mushrooms are cooked, silver spoon with which it is mixed turns black if mushrooms are poisonous. This “test” is wrong!


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