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Lucid Dreaming Basics

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Lucid dreaming is the ability to be conscious that you are dreaming. The conscious dreams feel and look extremely tangible and vivid, compared with waking life. The difference between a lucid dream and a normal dream is like starring in a movie vs watching movie with a bad TV signal.

Lucid dreams are 100% scientifically proven and real, and they are not telepathy, vivid nightmares, premonitions, shared dreams, ghostly bedroom experiences, sleep paralysis, or just really vivid dreams. in order to have a lucid dream you have to realize that you are dreaming, which makes you become self-aware. In lucid dream you have the full mental faculty to explore in “live” and consider the dream in context.

You have the power to control everything, from yourself, the plot, the scenery, to other dream elements which you choose. As you get more experience you can do all kind of things, such as flaying through space, summoning specific characters, having realistic sex, or creating new worlds. However, the control of the dream is just the top of the iceberg. In this article we will look at several steps which will help you to start lucid dreaming.

Steps to start lucid dreaming

Remember your typical dreams – Many people say they don’t dream even though everybody dreams, whilst you maybe don’t remember that you dreamed. In order to remember you dreams you can try this simple technique. Before you drift off to sleep, every time repeat the phrase: as soon as I wake up I will remember what I dreamed about. Keep saying this phrase over and over until you fall asleep and after several days you will remember you typical dreams.

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Keep a dream journal – This may be boring, but it is well worth the effort. Writing just several short sentences about your dream is enough. By doing this you will be able to remember you typical dreams and start looking for dream signs within the dreams themselves. In addition, this can be a great tool for you to analyze your thought processes.


Select dream signs – Many of your typical dreams will have people or objects in them which could act as a cue to you waking up in your dreams. For example, if you check your watch two times in a row and each time you see different time on it, this can be used to ask yourself if you are dreaming because you know that the time should be the same each time you check you watch to see what time it is.

Notice your waking world – You have to be conscious in your waking world if you want to be conscious in your dream world. This can sound crazy, because you are conscious when you are awake. But, this means being consciously focused. For example, when you are learning a new task you are consciously focused, and you’re thinking about every action which is required to get the right steps.

When you’re done with the new task you no longer have to focus as much as you did when your learned new task. Being consciously focused actually means that you have to look around you and say what you feel, hear, see, smell and touch and voice it. if you start to do this in the world around you, you will be able to do the same thing into your dream world.

Ask yourself if you are dreaming – Right now, ask yourself if your are dreaming. The obvious answer is no. But, how do you know that? Don’t just say that you know, but instead think and try to figure out why are you not dreaming. For example, you can say if I was dreaming I would be jumping very high.

During a dream you cannot read text for longer that a few seconds, so try to prove to yourself that you are not dreaming by trying to read text. This will also go into your dreaming world and you will start to ask the same question in your dreams. This can turn your typical dream into a lucid dream.

Your first lucid dream – A lot of people have their first lucid dream when they read about lucid dreams. However, you might find yourself over-excited and lose the lucid dream, but your first ludic dream will be remembered for years afterwards.

Staying lucid – There are a lot of different techniques to stay within a dream, but, the best one is calming yourself down with self talk and dream spinning. In case you find yourself losing your lucidity, you can always talk to yourself to calm yourself down and start noticing everything around you in your dream. When you feel you’re losing control of your dream it’s called dream spinning, and in order to stay within your dream you have to spin like a tornado. This will focus your mind to stay in lucid dream.


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