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Old Fashioned Dating Rule: The Man Plans and Pays

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This is one old rule which is still widely in use. No matter how independent woman is, she still loves when man is gentleman. Of course, nobody is saying that man should always pay or spend more than he has only to impress woman. We are talking about first dates and man’s need to plan and pay, and how women like that, no matter what they say. Planning your first date is much easier if you had a chance to talk to her about her likes and dislikes.

Never do things you don’t like just to impress her, find something you both enjoy. First dates should always be in public place. Not many women would feel safe if you invite her to your place for dinner on your very first date. Also keep it simple, the goal of your first date is to know each other, so you need to take her somewhere you can talk. Have plan B if the date goes well, some activity you can continue after the initial one.

If you had fun having dinner you can always take her on some special dessert or for a walk on a interesting place. But don’t speak about it before you definitely decide you should continue your date there. When it comes to paying you can send various messages through paying the bill. If you decided that she does not attract you and you want to stay friends with her suggest you pay 50 – 50.

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If you would like to continue dating her, be sure to pay, if she objects tell her she can pay next time you see each other. Actually this can be a great way to ask her on second date. If she is not so sure, she did not like you so much, but if she agrees you can be sure everything went better than ok. When you get the bill you can look at it quickly but don’t analyze it for mistakes in front of your date.

Nobody likes cheap people, and doing this you will look like that. When making plans and paying on the first date you are giving the impression of determine man, someone who is in control and someone who is reliable. Women like that in a man, but if you notice that she digs feminism and sex equality just tell her that you will leave everything to her when you meet next time. And by all means let her plan for your next date and let her pay if she insisted.


This will show her that you are not being sexist just gentleman. When you are paying be sure you have enough money for everything you planned and keep the paying discreet, you don’t want to be obvious because you could make her fell uncomfortable. If you make big deal about paying you will look like someone who wants to impress her with money, and that is something you don’t want to do.


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