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Real Dating Advice For Men

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Believe it or not but you don’t have to be rich or good looking to get ladies. It is all about the techniques. Some rules haven’t change for centuries and they are universal but some has changed with evolving woman’s rights and their position in the society. Being good with women is something you can learn if you really want to.

Some of the most basic rules would be:

Be gentleman and watch your manners

Maybe it sounds ancient but it still works. Every woman likes when man has nice manners. Open the doors for her, tell her she looks nice (if she does), give her your hand when she is stepping out from the vehicle. But be sure not to push it too far. It should not look like you are trying too hard but instead like you are always doing it and not even thinking about it. Practice with your friend if you are not used to do it frequently.

Look confident


The best solution would be to be confident but you can’t force it, especially on the first date. Also, don’t overdo it. Girls say that there is nothing so attractive like being self-confident but pushing it to far will make you look like arrogant asshole. Prepare few topics that you are confident talking about and when you run out of them ask her questions.

Be casual

Always take her for drink on the first date, because getting through the dinner if you did not clicked will be agony. Offer her to choose the place and if she leaves it to you take her somewhere familiar but not to a place where you hang out all the time. If you get to third date it is time for nice dinner.

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First impression is very important

It does not matter how you look but it is essential how you present yourself. While men divide women to the one that are hot and the one that are not, women don’t function like that. Even someone who is not pretty can be attractive to women due to their confidence or inner charm. A haircut and good suit will be noticed by most women, as will the nails and teeth. If you are going for dinner avoid ordering food you never tried or not sure how to eat it properly.

Always look at your date

We don’t mean stare without glimpse, but make sure she is getting all of your attention. Looking away will get her impression that she is boring to you, and that is a turnoff. Ask her about her and listen to answers than from that answers get more sub questions, this will look as if you are truly interested in her.

Offer to take the bill

It is always nice thing to do on a first date. You should offer but let her decide whether she wants to participate. We are not saying you should do this every time, it is totally ok to let her pay on the second date if you took care of the bill from the first date.



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