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Should You Run A Background Check On The Person You Are Dating?

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It is well known that good relationship is based on the trust you have for each other, but that was before online dating became second most common way to meet someone. In the past you would meet dates trough some friend or work colleague and that gave you some sense of security but now when you meet people online running a background check on the person you are dating does not seem so bad idea.

Times have changed and if an employer have right to Google you before he decide will he give you a job, why shouldn’t you do it for potential date. Women do background check much more than guys do, but it is understandable because they are in more danger when meeting unknown person than men are. Today you can find many agencies that specialized in background check.

They do the entire job for you – they find out your date’s true age, name and any license they have, including marriage license. They can check if your date has ever been arrested or is that name on the list of registered sex offenders. Some people would say that this is too paranoid but when you meet a complete stranger on the net, he can say whatever he likes and pretend to be anyone. And there is no way you can tell by just looking at his profile what are his intentions.

Checking for criminal records

In US you can run county, state or national check for criminal records. The most details you will get if you do county background search, since majority of crimes are prosecuted at county level. If you are getting yourself into this you will have to have some information about your date like where they spend majority of their lives. Also you have to go to the courthouse to obtain those records, but it does not have to be you, other people can do it for you.

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If you are not sure where he lived state check might be better idea. You can’t go for national background check because that information are not available for public, but running state check for every state your date lived in would get you the same results. Making sure that your date is not sex offender is the most important information you will have to get, and that would not be too hard since sex offender registry is public information.

When it is time for you to meet then it is time to exchange social media profiles. That can tell you a lot about the person you are going to meet. If the profiles are not been there for a long time, and if they look like they are fake, big chances are that they are. Most people you meet online, and we mean a big majority will be totally normal people just like you, but taking precautions is always smart thing to do. Like old saying states – better safe than sorry.


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