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Something To Know About Free Online Dating Sites

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The main thing you should know is that not all the sites that advertise itself as completely free, actually are not. Dating can never be completely free. Even if you find sites that are completely free eventually you will take your partner out and bills must be paid. If you are woman it is still not free because in this day of age it would not be ok to let your male date pay every time you go out.

Many sites claim that they don’t charge anything but then you realize that they lied a bit. A lot of them will allow you to register for free and to browse other profiles but when it comes to contacting someone you like they will try to charge you for that. Some of them also advertise as free but then it turns out there is only free trial after what you are expected to pay for their services.

Other, again, start as free sites but stick to that just as long they don’t attract enough customers after what, you guessed, try to charge you. These sites have to do other trick to become popular, like creating fake profiles, until they get enough of real ones. Usually these kinds of sites are not worth of your time so you should skip them. However not everything is lost.

There are few sites that are actually free of charge and have been since they began to exist and will probably stay that way. You will find a lot of tips saying that you should always choose paid sites since they have better service, but some people just want to try online dating to find out is that even a thing for them and they should not pay for that. Here we bring you two sites that you can try online dating on and see if that is your thing.

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First one is OKCupid. It is considered to be one of best dating sites due its popularity being one of the most visited sites. Being so popular, site has millions of profiles and you should be able to find someone that you like. OKCupid has paid version that brings you many useful features but they will never make you pay for them unless you want. Many people find their true love without these paid features it just take more time to browse for your ideal partner.


The other one is Plenty of Fish or POF. This site is also very popular and has many users. Thing is that all kind of people have profile here so don’t be disturbed if some freaky people contact you. You have no obligation towards them. Don’t let last sentence to discourage you because here you can meet many nice people and even your life long partner. It also has a paid version but it is not that good so it is not worthwhile.

Hanging out on sites that let you browse people for free is not bad option, and when you find someone you like you can try one month of subscription. You have to make sacrifices for love at some point.


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