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Text Messages And Dating: What Are The Rules?

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For how long is politely to leave your partner to wait for a response to a text? Should you send another message before you get an answer? Do you send kisses trough text messages and does it bother you how many kisses is enough? Here are the rules of love text messages and dating! Sending the wrong number of kisses in a text message can cool partners, or so the research is saying. Whether it’s a new romance or a long-term relationship, sending less kisses than you received can get your partner to be very insulted.

Also, answer the phone during dinner and non-cutting cell phone in the cinema found themselves on a blacklist, as well as send text messages after 23 hours, sending the same message if you did not get an answer or start a chat via e-mail. The survey showed that more than 50 percent of men find it acceptable to end the relationship by text messages, while 62 percent of women thought that the only way that is acceptable is face to face.


Excessive use of abbreviations is listed as one of the most common reasons for losing interest. By the same rule book you should send your partner good night message, answer text in two hour period and always ask questions that lead to longer conversations. More than three-quarters of the people to have good ‘mobile’ manners, and as much as four in ten people misunderstood badly written message, while sarcasm is most common cause of misunderstanding.

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Expert tips for romantic text messages are


– Flirt in messages that you send to your partner.

– Always be sure to turn off your cell phone during lunch or in the cinema and focus on your partner.

– Reply to a message within a few hours, but don’t let everybody to wait for your response every time, answer right away if you have chance.

– Always send a message to wish a good morning or good night to your loved one.

Do not:

– Break up through SMS, it is very impersonal and you are indirectly saying to your partner that you were never too much interested in the first place.

– Re-send the message if not answered. If you get message report don’t re-send the message, he or her got it and can’t or won’t to answer to you.

– Send messages that just says ‘What’s up’ or similar ones. Every message needs to have point.

– Use abbreviations. You don’t want to look like you are lazy or that you have problem making time to send full length text message.

– Send kisses less than you get, like we said, send the same or higher number of kisses than you received.