Top 10 Cities To Live In The United States

Many people in the United States take into account different factors when choosing where to live. For most of them the strength of the local economy, personal safety, and the quality of schools takes priority. Several different categories, such as infrastructure, leisure, environment, housing, education, economy and crime, were taken into account in order to determine the best cities to live in the United States. Here is our list of top 10 cities to live in the United States.

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1. Johns Creek, Georgia

Residents of Johns Creek are substantially better off than most citizens of the United States, with the median household making about $100,000. In 2012, typical American household earned about $51,000, while the median household income in Georgia was about $47,000. Area homes are also some of the most expensive in the America.

About $338,000 was the median home value. Even though Johns Creek is one of just several cities reviewed without a single college, people are very well educated. One of the downsides for people in Johns Creek is that the average commute time was over half an hour, which is more than in most other cities.

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