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Uses Of Basalt

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Basalt is a very hard, black igneous rock which can be found all over our solar system and over our planet. Its name is derived from the Latin for very hard stone, and can also be found on Mars and Earth’s moon. Basalt is an extrusive igneous rock, which forms from volcanic lava that rapidly cools at surface of Earth. Due to the very low amounts of ligter colored silicate minerals, and high amounts of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide, it’s generally black in color. Basalt has a few indistrial applications, including thermal insulators and building materials. In this article we will discuss all the uses of this material.

Ancient uses

In ancient Rome, basalts were used for many purposes, such as street pavers. Additionally, they were used extensively for many construction purposes, such as stadium seating. There are many examples from this era, like the dark-colored stones which are found in the historic ruins. Gardeners use basalt to prevent the spread of eeds in flower beds and plants. It is also used for the railroad ballast. These stones can privode drainage and are used for support. Basalts are placed as bedrocks for the racks of railroad.

Modern uses

Today, basalt is used for many things. One of the most common uses of basalt is as aggregates. Crushed basalts are used for construction purposes, such as concrete aggregate, asphalt paving and rock filtering agents. They are added as aggregates to increase the strength of concrete. In addition, basalt slabs are cut into dimensions and used as flooring veneers and coverings. They can also be used for monuments as well as other things.

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Basalts can also be used as wall panels, countertops, fireplaces and worktops among others. They are also great as interior decoration and decorative stone. The insulating property is one notable characteristic of basalt. Basalt’s thermal protection exceeds other organic substances thermal property. Its heat insulation value is 3 times more than the asbestos and without the toxic hazards. Friction characteristics of basalt are an excellent replacement for asbestos.

Tensile strength of basalt is greater than of carbon fiber and fiberglass and is lesser than of carbon steel. Basalt’s melted composites can be used for producing pipes, the rebar used in the power turbine blades and construction. Basalt has become popular among sculptors, with its properties, such as fine grained hardness as well as homogenous grey color. Many Moai icons, which can be found on Easter Island, are made of basalt.

In addition, the Rosetta Stone in Egypt, which is used to interpret the hieroglyphics, is also made up of basalt. During the Roman and the German empires, basalt was widely used, from jewelry and vases to the beautiful columns.


Basalt is used for many things. They are plenty on planet’s crust and many people have benefited from basalt. Since basalt is something that the vast majority of fabricators have no experience of, one should be careful when choosing a proposed fabricator for this material.


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