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Who Invented First Car?

Old rusty car in colorPhoto by Talmon

In contrast to many other important discoveries, no one can boast that he “invented” a car.

To our knowledge, the first land vehicle that is only moved by a motor was made ​​in the 1769. by the Frenchman Nicola Cugnot. It was steam-powered, three-wheeled giant inner tube. They were achieving a speed of 5 miles per hour, and had to be refueled every 25 kilometers!

Almost eighty years later, people have experimented with self-propelled car that could be used to drive on the roads. Most of the vehicles were steam-powered, but several vehicles were driven by electricity, so they had to carry huge battery. Later in 1880., two more findings came : first petrol engine and later pneumatic tires- tires filled with air.

The first car with a gasoline engine drove in the 1887. by the German Gotlieb Daimler. In America, the first car with gasoline was made ​​in 1892 or in 1893. Described as “a gig without a horse” ( the easy gig carts on two wheels ). Actually , all the oldest American cars look like coaches. Coaches are simply added to the gasoline engine and the transmission power belt or chain that runs rear wheels.

In the 1789th American Oliver Evans was the first in America to patent invention of the self – propelled vehicle. It was a vehicle with four wheels, at the rear wheel contained balls, so you could move it on land or on water. The vehicle weighted 21 tons!


Only when car successfully started to travel miles and miles, people gave attention to their comfort and strength. Manufacturers of cars were soon found that poor construction of “gig” is not suitable for cars, so they gradually began to appreciate shape of the car which is familiar to us. Motor is extracted under the seat and moved to the front of the car. Strong wheels were replaced by weak wheels that were on bikes and cars. Steering wheel is placed instead of the original handles. Finally, the designers began dosage schedule used when referring to steel instead of wood, in order to stand a car or “chassis” any more, and the modern car has become a reality.

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