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Why Do People Smoke

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It’s very hard to determine why people smoke. There is no shortage of medical reports stating the bad side of smoking. So, again, these findings are still not taken seriously. There are explanations ranging from psychological to emotional.

How to explain why people smoke


For some individuals, smoking is just a habit. They begin to smoke when they’re in the early teenage years. Then, when they grow up, they don’t want to stop, even though they are aware of the medical findings and risks. However, some believe that it’s already “too late to stop”. Even though there is a risk of the diseases, some have a sense or assume that will not happen to them. Habit that lasts a lifetime is one of the explanations why people smoke and why is so difficult for them to stop it.


Other people smoke because it looks “cool”. Advertisements and commercials show smokers as people who like to entertain, who are attractive and happy. These images can make influence on the young people, in the way that they permanently acquire this bad habit.

Peer pressure or imitation

Again, another reason is peer pressure. Teenagers can be persuaded to “light one” in order to “prove” their manhood.  Other young people may do that from rebellion or because they imitate their parents. If parents have this habit, it is very easy for their children to emulate it. Even though the kids do not do on their own, friends may encourage them to do so. As studies have shown, one of the factors why people start smoking is that it makes them feel as part of the group. Maybe they are, maybe they are not aware of the health risks. But acceptance by peers is more important to them.

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Stress relief

Some individuals claim that this activity helps them in stress relief. Some people use a break for a cigarette to try to relax. According to some smokers, smoke inhalation relaxes them. Of course, this is not limited to the lunch break, but it will be extended even in the period after work hours.


Smoking as award

For some, smoking is also kind of prize. Whether you are working on taking the hard exam in the school or completing a difficult task at work, some people use it as an excuse to light a cigarette. It gives them a feeling of satisfaction. “The emotional climax” that one feels is often cited as a reason why people smoke.

Brightener thoughts

Something that is contrary to what has been said is that some people use smoking to prepare for a job. When faced with a lot of work, individuals claim that cigarettes help them to understand the tasks and think more clearly. This works because it helps them to focus minds on one thing. When they reach this relaxed state, it becomes easier to think for them.

Smoking as satisfaction

Some people, however, claim that smoking is an experience in which they enjoy. Some people cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke, while others simply enjoy it. For them the pleasure they get from this experience beats everything medicine has to say.

These are some explanations why people smoke. In the end, the decision whether to smoke depends on the individual. However, it would be good to let people know all the facts before they make a choice.


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