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Women’s Guide To Getting Started With Online Dating

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Hey guys, here is what women wants you to know when you are starting with online dating. These advices can be more precious to you than ones written by the man, because in the end it is the women you want to meet, unless you are looking for something else.

If you just want to find hook-up, tell that to the person, but don’t be vulgar

Not everyone is looking for a soul mate and someone to marry on dating sites. And that is O.K. But be sure to tell that to the person you are connecting to. Just don’t be vulgar and rude. Believe or not, women get a lot of disturbing messages from guys who are into hook-ups only. Use polite phrase like “Let me be honest, hook-up is the only thing I am looking for” instead of lines that sound like quotes from pornographic movie. It sounds creepy and it can get someone to give up on online dating sites.

Don’t address women you meet online with “sexy”, “babe” or “cutie”

There is no need for special explanation on this one – Women don’t like it. It is humiliating in some way and it sounds impersonal. Use the name or alias from the site. When you use this kind of words you also are giving the impression that you are speaking to many of them, so many that you don’t even remember which one is which.


Don’t tell stupid jokes when you are getting know somebody online

This one is pretty stretched out, people are different and so are the things they considered to be funny, but in general don’t tell stupid jokes. And by that we mean is jokes that are old, jokes that are someone else’s, or the ones that are racist or sexist. If you like jokes and humor in general, talk to your date, find out what she finds funny and if you are on the same level than it is ok. If she is not than find another topic to discus.

Don’t wright one universal message and mass-send it to hundreds of woman

It is too obvious when you do that, because it sounds completely impersonal. Yes, we know sending personal message to women whose profiles you read is harder work but it will be worth it. So, first find the ladies who you like, read about her, then compose the personal message saying things about yourself and asking her personal questions that are related to the stuff she wrote about. Getting this kind of message will have greater effect and you will get more responses.

Don’t get insulted and violent if you don’t get response

Nobody can guarantee you that every person you talk to will talk back. If you contact someone first and don’t get any response, take it like man, close that chat and move on. Insulting someone will not get you anywhere and someone can report you. There are millions of women online you will find someone eventually.

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