10 Great Movies On Mental Illness

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  1. Big daddy says:

    if this is 10 GREAT movies on mental illness, why did you include a Beautiful Mind, which by your own assessment, and mine as well, is a terrible movie about the illness???? Bad job.

    • Shazza says:

      he has schizophrenia why the story was the way it was.. It was in his eyes.. If you know anyone with it , it would been easier to see and understand it.. A lot probably couldn’t follow it because they don’t understand that mental illness.. That is the best movie for Schizophrenia

      • Big daddy says:

        actually a family member of mine has it. 1) you don’t diagnose it “through their eyes”. lol…wtf.2) you sure as hell don’t manage it the way they showed it in the movie “just tell yourself those things you see aren’t real and youll be ok”. it was a crap movie that panders to ppl like you that THINK you understand the illness but don’t. movie mental illness is a lot sweeter, less devastating, and more manageable than real mental illness.

  2. Clara Bell says:

    I hate that many of the descriptions have spoilers

  3. Clara Bell says:

    I hate that most of the descriptions have spoilers. It wasn’t necessary to tell how “the one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest” ended. That ruins if for people who haven’t seen. Other movies that should have been considered for this list: Rain man, Sybil, Forrest Gump, out of darkness…

  4. '80s Trebek says:

    So many left off the list:

    The Expendables
    Anything with Kevin James and/or Adam Sandler

  5. Kmac Mac says:

    How about “Ordinary People?” The foreign film, “Mommy,” was also really good.

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