10 Reasons To Be Proud Of America

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The United States of America is not a perfect country. Just like other nations, it is a collection of people, and people are notorious for being selfish, making bad decisions, or simply blowing it. However, there are many good things that make America a great nation. Here are 10 reasons to be proud of the United States, especially today, when we are facing so many different problems.


We are a wealthy nation, and the amount of aid we provide to other countries when compared to the rest of the industrialized world is remarkable. A big chunk of this comes in the form of military assistance, mostly to Egypt and Israel. However, most of it goes aiding countries’ efforts at either anti-terrorism efforts, rebuilding infrastructure, or stopping widespread disease or hunger.

Freedom of religion

History is replete with people suffering religious violence and persecution at the hands of both other religious groups, as well as their own government. However, this has rarely been the case in the United States, where people are guaranteed the right to worship as they wish without fear of being persecuted, arrested, or shunned by the rest of nation, as is usually the case in some countries.

Entrepreneurial spirit

The ability of anyone to become wealthy by starting a business in the United States, as compared to most other countries, is one of the hallmarks of what America is all about. America is replete with stories of people who stepped off the boat, speaking no English and carrying a few dollars in their pocket, and who went on to become wealthy within several years. There are, of course, no guarantees that everyone will succeed, but in the United states even if one fails, they have the chance to start over again if they wish.

Innovation, productivity, and creativity

The number of technologies and inventions which have come out of the United States in the last two hundred years is staggering. Everything from the phonograph, airplane, to the feather duster and the drinking straw have been the by-product of American resourcefulness and ingenuity. It is almost impossible to imagine any modern piece of technology or modern convenience which doesn’t have the fingerprints of the United States all over it.

Compassion in war

The United States is no stranger to war, and during country’s long history, it has suffered many of them. However, with a few debatable exceptions, the United States has never started a war. A good example of this is the Mexican-American war in 1845. The brief war ended in as Mexican rout, but the United States didn’t annex the country, but withdrew once hostilities ended.

Ability to right past wrongs

The United States is not a perfect country. The country has made some mistakes in the past, and will probably in the future. However, what makes America great is its ability to admit when it is in error, and change the way it does certain things. It may take some time to work through the process, and it is not always pretty, but once it identifies something about itself which has to be changed, it eventually does the right thing. For example, slavery, racism, segregation, etc.

Different cultures

The history of the United States as a melting pot of many different cultures is unique among nations around the world, who tend to segregate their populations according to religion or race. Today, as a result, many different people with different religious or ethnic backgrounds, proudly identify themselves as Americans. However, in many other countries, even today people identify themselves according to their ethnicity, religion, culture, or language.

Guardianship of democracy

The willingness of the United States to defend democracy and prevent oppressive regimes from expanding their totalitarian rule in many countries, usually at cost in terms of money, resources, and lives, is one of the hallmarks of the United States. America’s willingness to take the lead in defending democracies around the world, and of getting involved in humanitarian efforts, even when they were not to country’s advantage to do so, is legendary.


The impact of entertainment, literature, and music of the United States on the cultures around the world cannot be underestimated. When people turn on their television in many countries around the world, changes are that they are watching American movie or TV show which has been dubbed into their language. When they turn on their radios, there is a pretty good chance that they are listening to an American musician or singer.


There are many countries around the world which have breath-taking beauty and natural wonders. However, no other country possesses such a wide range of natural wonders as does America. Stretching from New England in the East, to California in the West, America is the third largest nation on the planet, by area. In addition, the United States of America is as diverse as it is huge, containing vibrant cities and expansive national parks which are visited by many tourists around the world.

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