5 Best Slimline Dishwashers

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Dishwashers are often perceived as a luxury that one can do without but it is a necessity today considering the precious time lose by doing the dishes. There are many different types of dishwashers and each of them have their own pros and cons but here is a list of the top 5 Best Slimline Dishwashers based on some of the important factors like:

  • Power and water consumption,
  • Animal and People friendly
  • Environmental requirements
  • Cost efficiency
  • Sustainability of the dishwasher

1. Bosch Slimline Dishwasher SPU63M05AU

One of the most suitable dishwashers for the kitchen that has restricted space. It can be installed anywhere in the kitchen including areas under the work counter –top. Moreover, it is easily adjustable so it can fit exactly under the counter top once the height is adjusted. It has a variety of advanced features like filter systems and is equipped with six wash programs for your requirements. Along with the wash systems, you can also choose the speed of the washing as there is the Vario speed option that allowing you to choose. Stacking is very convenient with baskets and rack that are adjustable and can be folded. Other features like child lock, door and button, and delayed start button enable safety as well as convenience.

2. Omega Slimline Dishwasher DW300XA

This dishwasher is a truly slim line as it measures just 45cms across. Ideal for small and compact kitchens, it is affordable, noiseless and efficient. Electronic control allows hot and cold water supply and the filtration is in three phases. Three temperature options are available for rinsing and two for pre –wash facilities. The dishwasher provides six wash options to choose from and utilizes the residual heat for drying at the end of the wash.

3. Delonghi Dishwasher DEDW45S

The Delonghi model of the dishwasher has a stainless steel look and it is equipped with seven wash programs for the wide choice. This time-saving appliance is highly effective as it has three filtration stages. The LED display is available with 24 hours delayed start option; it is possible to program your schedules for the day accordingly. This compact dishwasher is also extremely space efficient and can be installed anywhere irrespective of the size of the kitchen.

4. Smeg Dishwasher SA4510X1

A compact dishwasher equipped with five dishwashing programs, the dishwasher has a five-phase system for filtration. A separate cutlery system holds the cutlery for washing and uses the residual heat of the hot air for drying. What makes this dishwasher worth considering is that it has the option of freestanding or it can be built into the kitchen cabinets.

5.Bosch Compact Modular Dishwasher SCE53M05AU

Another model of the dishwasher is from Bosch, it is a compact one that will not consume too much of space. The dishwasher has five wash options and an advance filter system and it also has an automatic sensor for detergents, in case you forget to fill it. The flooding is taken care of by the facility of the AquaStopPlus which is protection against too much flooding. The four foldable racks provide plenty of space for the dish washing needs.

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