5 Tips To Become A More Interesting Person

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Each person wants to be a magnetic, charming person at the event who everyone wants to talk to. However, not everyone is naturally gifted with that kind of charisma. But did you know that everyone has the potential to become interesting or at least more interesting than they are know. Even though you will not be the center of every party, you do have the potential to develop more passionate relationship with other person. Find out what you are personally interested in and incorporate these interests into your life. In this article we will share with you some tips and tricks that can transform anyone from dull to delightful.

Develop new skills

In order to ensure that other person finds you interesting, you have to make yourself helpful in a certain situation. For this reason, it is important that you learn as much useful skills as you can, from sewing to web design. This way, you will be go-to person, whether a friend needs to create a blanket for her baby niece or a website for her new business.

Be curious and keep an open mind

By closing yourself off to different viewpoints and opinions, you will ensure that you’re not interesting person. Instead, seek out new experiences and ideas that will change the way you feel and think. Be curious and keep an open mind. Additionally, learn things to deepen your perspectives.

Tell a good story

Maybe you have amassed a lot of experiences and information, but if you cannot communicate them to other people, you are doomed. For this reason, it is important that you learn how to be a storyteller. This means that you don’t just dump whatever is on your mind into the conversation, but rather you purposefully shape it to make it interesting. Think about your life as a gift and wrap it in the finest paper you can find. However, in order to do it, you need to learn how to read your audience in order to see how long they will be able to pay attention and tease them with clues to the end of your story.

Listen and show compassion

Another way to be interesting person is to be interested in others. This means that you should listen carefully to others and try with some compassion to understand their actions and motives. However, just few of us are good at this. If we listen to people with enough imagination, everyone becomes nearly infinite in their experience of life.

Ask good questions

When you are attending an event, you do not need to say a lot about yourself in order for people to believe that you are interesting person. Rather, engage them in deep conversation about their lifestyle. For example, ask them thoughtful questions about their priorities and interests. It is important that you really listen to the answers. Don’t forget to follow up with a few additional, thoughtful discussions and necessary questions. By the end of the event, those people will remember you as one of the most interesting people they’ve met.

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