6 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

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Mistakes are part of our lives but it would be great to keep it as rare as it’s possible, and the same case is with a renovation of your home. I’m sure that you have prepared yourself for the adventure of remodeling your kitchen by reading a lot of advice on how to do it, but here are some tips on what to avoid in your upcoming renovation project.

1. Kitchen island in small space

It’s a one nice and useful thing to have, but only if you have enough space for it. Avoid to be led just with your wish to have a kitchen island, if a possibility says that it’s not realistic. It’s easy to fall in love with that piece of functional furniture especially when you see it in modern kitchens today, but first of all, do your measurements and get sure that it will fit in your kitchen space without interfering your movements through a kitchen. The only thing worst than not having a kitchen island is to have it where it’s not supposed to be.

2. Don’t do it just for decoration

Always conceder that the kitchen is not just a place to enjoy it, but you’ll have to work there also. You must arrange it so you’ll have enough space for work and for moving around. So don’t neglect functionality in order to have just a great appearance, because this kind of renovation is something you don’t want to do every few months. Think carefully when it comes to some important things such as countertops and storage space. You don’t want to be in lack of either of those. Although is having a functional and a beautiful kitchen equally important, primarily stay focused on the usability of kitchen space ‘cause regrets can cost you much.

3. Don’t forget your budget but also don’t underestimate the benefits of the restoration

Before you start a remodeling your kitchen, carefully reconsider a budget you have for that. The goal is to have enough money to do everything you want but you’ll have to do a detailed research on how much does it cost to fulfill your wishes. It wouldn’t be bad to have a small budget in reserve in case you’ll need some extras in your plan and you don’t want to lose your nerves because you didn’t expect something like that to happen. Also, don’t look at the expenses of renovation like on something unnecessary because if you build a good plan it will pay off to you in a variety of good things. For example, in the next 10 years or even more, you’ll not have any extra investments in your kitchen. This renovation is not cheap but it is rare, so do it right.

4. Leaving appliances for the end

Make sure that the adjustments that you made in your kitchen space or cabinetry are friendly for you new appliances, and in order to accomplish that, it’s best to buy appliances as soon as you can while you still building a place for them. Surprises like – too small space for a fridge and a stove, are common in renovations that were not planned so good. Buy them and place them somewhere near if it’s possible, so you can test if they fit properly at any time. Incorrect measurements are something that can happen to anyone so be smarter than that. Installing electrics is also one of the first things to be done. If you don’t plan it and install it right away, later you will probably have to ruin some of the already done work, to do that.

5. Don’t rush to buy and don’t buy cheap materials or appliances

Once when you are in the gadget store, don’t act like you want to get out of there as soon as you can. Take your time, buy smart and buy one by one. It can happen that you like something more than something else but think over is that what you really need, will it fit in the right place and does it cost more than you have for it, because there’re some more things you have to buy. Don’t let price or outside look of the appearance full you. You can even save some money if you look for the gadgets in a few different stores. Buy branded and quality things exclusively. The same thing is when you buying a cabinetry or floor materials. Plywood in contact with water will not last too long, so try to choose quality wooden materials for your cabinetry. Like I’ve said before – investments you put in this project are supposed to be in longer terms.

6. Disharmony of styles and colors and full picture

Usually, when designing or remodeling their rooms, people have tendency to involve just one style, but the combination of few different styles can also be productive for total appearance. The important is to rethink what styles can be combined in order to avoid a look that resembles a child room or a warehouse. You don’t have to be a professional designer to know what’s good and what’s bad for the appearance. Just use your eyes and you’ll see if anything differs. Using too strong and flaring colors can affect a full picture of the kitchen and your mood so try to avoid that. When you enter your new kitchen with smile and start to work without anything to interfere you, you’ll know that you’re done things right.

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