All You Should Know About FBI

The internal intelligence agency of the United States of America is called the FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigations. This is an agency that works for the government only and a part of the Department of Justice of the USA. They are a criminal investigative body that looks after counter-terrorism.

This body was created during the year of 1908 when Roosevelt was the president of the Country. Attorney general Charles Bonaparte grouped together some special agents for creating this organization. President Roosevelt and Attorney general Bonaparte started this body to take care of the civil service laws.

Purpose of the body

The FBI has got responsibilities towards intelligence and enforcement of law and order. This organization is to take care of national security and has led investigations against different well-known criminals. The ‘Pretty Boy’ named Floyd, ‘Machine Gun’ stamped Kelly or Nelson who was called ‘Baby Face’ by the criminal world was all taken care of by this organization at a time.

They have people who work driven by intelligence and others who work in the field and have got focus on any threat to the society or towards the country. They gather secret information based on the intelligence force and then provide protection and security for military, police cases, and also for the political subjects.

Complaints and laws for the bureau

The Bureau was initiated during a period when there were not many federal problems or crimes. The violations that they sought out were banking fraud, different forms of enslavement, and land frauds. There were complaints of extortions that were resolved by the organization and they also helped to bring up a few laws for the countrymen.

The year 1910 saw the White Slave act being finalized and this became an important tool for the FBI agents to work out problems of transporting women for immoral activities. There was the investigation of Louisiana’s group named Ku Klux Klan and other such groups that conducted illegal activities.

Activities of the agents in the field and in office

There were around 300 agents for investigating crimes in the field and another 300 personnel who gave support in investigation and fieldwork through research. The field officers were there in every city and they were supervised by the special agents who kept in touch with the main office in Washington.

Slowly there were reasons to place the agents in smaller towns too so that the crime rates and extortions could be kept within control. The years 1921 to 1933 were marked as years when lawlessness was at its peak. People were involved with stronger political groups or were suffering from different restrictions by Prohibition.

Ways of investigating crimes

They investigated the transport of alcohol across state borders, made a raid to nightclubs that were named speakeasies, and arrested bootleggers during the period of Prohibition. There were criminals arrested and murderers taken into custody. This gave them respect in society for being the protector of simple human beings. J. Edgar Hoover came as its director in 1924 and established special training schedules. He introduced file keeping and opened labs for crime detection.

They took up cases of espionage and helped prevent information to go to the wrong hands of international criminals. They collected such information that is priceless for the country and worked to stop the sabotage of different projects and constructions. They remain the most trusted aid of the governmental machine and have got authority for enforcing laws and jurisdiction to take care of the people that respect the laws.

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