Benefits Of Using A High Quality Online Dating Site

Last updated on January 8th, 2016 at 08:54 pm

Couple with TattoosPhoto by Christine Mitchell Photography

If you are just starting online dating you probably are wondering what the main differences between free and paid sites are. Well it is like everything else in life – the more you pay, the more you get. Of course it does not have to mean a thing. Maybe you will get lucky and find your soul mate and a lifetime partner on one of free sites. However there are many benefits of high quality online dating sites.

But before we start to talk about the benefits of paid services, we would like to advise you if you are just starting online dating to go with free site. Explore the way it works and find out are you into it. Maybe you will find out that online dating is not for you, and you will have no financial losses. However if you see that it is working and that you are good in that than maybe you should consider quality paid online dating site.

The main difference is that most paid sites developed some kind of algorithm that will automatically find person who have same or similar interests like you, while on free sites you have to search through their data base manually losing a lot of time. Depending on the site you will have to spend some time answering the questions and filling all the fields, but it will be worthwhile because they will find all the persons similar to you and save you a lot of time browsing through thousands of profiles.

There are some sites that don’t use algorithms but instead they have human matchmakers. Some research suggest that people who are into casual dating and fast hookups chose free sites while people who want serious and more meaningful relationship go for paid ones. Also, it has been proven that people who paid for online dating services are more committed to actually meet someone they like in person than people from free sites.

Scientist also found connection between amount of time spent on the site and the price they pay. Free users spend less time on dating service while ones that paid are spending as twice as much time online trying to find ideal partner. It may not sound rational but you can compare it with working out at home or working out in the gym where you paid your monthly fee. The idea of paying will make you go to the gym so you would not feel like you are wasting your money.

Lately a lot of group-specific dating sites have showed up. Their goal is to aim to certain age groups, religion or even financial means. So if you want to connect to only one kind of people this could be your place to try online dating. The thing you should never forget while online dating regardless of the site is precautions – until you meet someone they are strangers so be very carefully not to share anything too personal until you are positive that that is ok.