Good Tips For Household Laundry

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Laundry is called necessary evil because of the fact that it is one of the most tedious works to do but you cannot afford to do skip it. Most of the people consider it to be an unpleasant task. Nevertheless, you can make this job more interesting if you logically approach this necessary process.

How to make the laundry process easy?

Segregating items

Before doing the laundry, you should separate the clothes into different groups. White clothes should be kept away from the black clothes, since white clothes may get stained by the colored ones. Similarly it is advisable to keep the light-colored clothes separately since they should be handled with care.


If you come across deep stains on your clothes, you should remove them before starting the process of laundry. If you wash the clothes without removing the stains these spots can remain on your clothes permanently. Therefore, if your clothes are deeply stained you should first soak them in water for some time.

The soaking process would be much more effective if you add washing powder to the water. Then, you should rub the clothes well and you should stop only when you are sure that there are no traces of stains on the clothes. This is very important and can aid you in removing the stains with much ease.


Before you wash the clothes you must look out for the tags that contain some instructions with regard to the washing of the clothes. For some clothes, machine washing is not permitted since it may damage the clothes. They can only be dry-cleaned and therefore you should not wash them.


You should be extremely careful when you use detergents for the washing process. The amount of detergent you apply should be based on the nature of the clothes. Clothes may get severely damaged if you add detergent powder in excess. Moreover, some clothes are not supposed to be washed using detergents and for such clothes, it is better to use light shampoo. Sometimes clothes might be stinky and it calls for special treatment since the cleaning alone is not sufficient for these clothes.

It makes the job even more difficult since it can be extremely nauseating. However, with the help of some methods you can get rid of this nauseating smell. Hot water can reduce the stinky smell to a certain extent. Hence, you should use hot water to treat the stinky clothes. Stinking smell means the presence of germs and hot water can kill these micro organisms. This makes your clothes germ-free and clean. Treating the stinky clothes with baking soda is also an effective method.

Baking soda is not only a powerful cleaning agent but it can also reduce the nauseating odor of the clothes. Sweat is not the only the factor that can result in this unbearable bad odor but other non-human factors such as food items can also result in this smell. It is much more difficult to get rid of these kinds of smells. However, white vinegar is a good option since it can remove the smell.

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