How to Build Cabinet Doors

DIY Kitchen cabinet doors are among the easiest things to make. These can be set up quite fast as all you have to do is cut a door to shape, attach hinges, a knob, and it is done.

This simplistic DIY project can be easily completed in a few hours by an experienced hand. If you are new, give yourself a day to make it perfect. Lookup below for step by step guidelines on setting up a kitchen cabinet door by yourself.

Flat-panel cabinet doors

You can either use a flat board or make a raised panel door. The latter is the usual choice for an experienced workman. The flat board door is incredibly easy to make. All you have to do is take the panel measurement and cut a piece of wood/ plywood to shape. Plywood is a common choice because it saves costs and is easy to maintain as well. Plywood also displays considerable durability. You have to choose the right material depending on texture and color.

Take your pick from the swatch thumbnails of plywood in different finishes. Wood finished plywood looks just like the real McCoy. Consider using a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for assured durability. You must have already chosen the material. Set up the measurements on it. Cut accordingly. You can use a simple table saw for the job. Take your time to cut and smooth the board. You can also check it out with the local lumberyard.

The professionals can cut and mile the wood for you. However, then it is not exactly a Do It Yourself project, is it? You can easily apply the professional treatment by yourself if you have the confidence. All you need are the tools and the ways of using it. Ease the edges with a router. Add a slight bevel to the outer corners for aesthetics. Do you have the hinges and the knob ready? Set them up. Add a magnetic latch for smooth handling.

Raised panel cabinet doors

A raised panel door has two stiles or side pieces and two rails at the top and bottom. The raised feel is good for aesthetics and getting it done DIY is very rewarding nonetheless. However, you obviously have to assign more time and skill to the job than working on a flat panel door. You have to prepare these panels separately. Be accurate and maintain a consistent width for the perfect look. The stiles must have blanks to fit with the flat board.

Stiles blanks of the desired length can be made by running the inside edge through a table-mounted router bit. You have to set a coping bit for securely fixing the rails and the stiles together. Advanced woodworking also included placing rubber space balls at the routered groove. You can get these at woodworking stores. Get all of it together, and neatly arranged on accurate precision, clamp the pieces and set it with glue on the tenons. After the glue dries, apply the finishing look; add the hinges, magnetic latch, and the knob. Your work is done.

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