How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. By keeping this area of your home nice and clean, you can make it a much more pleasant place to cook and spend time with your family. Plus, you can help keep germs and bacteria at bay.

Unfortunately, keeping your kitchen clean can seem next to impossible, but there are some tips you can follow. By keeping these ideas in mind, you might be surprised by how much cleaner you can keep your kitchen.

Start Out With a Clean Slate

Before you can learn how to keep your kitchen clean, you have to get it clean in the first place. Although it might seem overwhelming, it’s best to pull everything out of your cabinets and your pantry to get started.

Get rid of old food and ingredients that you know that you won’t use, and try to downsize your containers so that you don’t have as much clutter. Then, carefully wipe down all the hard surfaces in your kitchen with a antibacterial cleaner.

Give Everything a Place

If every item in your kitchen has a place where it belongs, it will be a lot easier to put things away and keep them organized. Use baskets and bins to keep things nice and tidy, and assign each ingredient, tool and other kitchen item a specific place. Then, putting things away will be a breeze.

Get Into a Routine

Setting up a routine for cleaning things in your kitchen can help you stay on track. Come up with a cleaning schedule that works for you, and make sure that you include things like sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, wiping down the fronts and sides of your appliances and more.

Keep Cleaning Products Close at Hand

If you have to walk through your house to a utility closet to get the cleaning supplies that you need, you’ll be less likely to get things done. Keep a caddy somewhere in your kitchen, and fill it with cleaning wipes, cleaning sprays, rags and more. Keep a broom, dustpan and mop close at hand as well. It’s even a good idea to keep cleaning wipes in a decorative container on your counter; then, you’ll be less likely to grab one to wipe up spills that occur while you’re in the kitchen.

Eliminate Clutter on Your Counters

Don’t try to keep all of your appliances and ingredients on the counter. Otherwise, the clutter will be a lot more difficult to wipe down and clean, plus the area will feel more cluttered and unsightly. Instead, keep as many kitchen items in your cabinets as possible.

Keeping your kitchen clean might not seem easy, but following these tips can make it a breeze. Then, you’ll have a nice, clean and sanitary kitchen to look forward to when cooking, serving meals and just hanging out with your family and friends.

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