Keto Diet Review

Last updated on January 6th, 2016 at 10:01 pm

Bacon and Collard GreensPhoto by IcronticPrime

From chronic fatigue, mood disorders and diabetes, Keto (ketogenic diet) improves and even reverses many chronic illnesses. This low-carb diet causes very real shifts in body chemistry that can have a major impact on medication dosages.

Especially during the first week side effects will show up. People believed that because of the high fat content these diets would cause heart disease raise cholesterol levels. Not only weight loss will show, but this low-carb diet keeps the cholesterol levels safe. There are many health benefits but also many precautions so prepare yourself and read about before you make a decision about trying that diet :

1.Healt benefits

Studies show that those who are on low-fat diets lose less weight than people on low-carb diets. Even when the low-fat dieters are actively restricting calories. Low-carb diet is apparently the most effective diet for the first couple of months period. Because people start eating same food as before diet, so the weight comes back and people give up on the diet. But the right way is to eat healthier carbs after you have reached their goal weight.

Because we are unique and have unique bodies, the place in our body where the fat stores will determine how it will affect our health and our risk of disease. When people stop eating carbs, big reduction in blood triglycerides occurs. We know known that fasting triglycerides are a strong heart disease risk factor. You will feel more energized during the day, by giving your body a better and more reliable energy source. The most effective molecule to burn as fuel, is fats. Fat is naturally more satisfying and so we don’t feel hunger and that state lasts more time than when we eat non-fat food.

2.Risks and side effects

As you our body has to deal with the increase in fats, and the lack of glucose it leads to a new supply of enzymes that build up. Because being in catatonic state we will use what has left from the glucose. That leads to seriously decreased glycogen in the muscles that causes a general lethargy and a lack of energy. In the first few weeks, many people report symptoms: aggravation, headaches, flu-like symptoms and dizziness. After a while all of your strength and endurance will return to normal.

Make sure to keep your sodium intake up and that you drink plenty of water. In fact, you should go salt literary everything you can. This will replenish the electrolytes and help you with water retention. About 50% people who begin this kind of diet will have at least a half of reduction in seizures for a first couple of months, which is proven by studies. The most often reason for people giving up on that diet is ineffectiveness. Or because some can not tolerate the foods that must eat, or because of side effects, they don’t continue with diet.